WoW Private Server Review – Smolderforge (2.4.3)

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This is my review of the WoW private server Smolderforge hope you enjoy :) Here is a link to the realm:- Thanks guys. Please Subscribe if you enjoy this video, New Videos Weekly Check out OpenWoW by far the best WoW Toplist you’ll find online! Steam: Facebook: Twitter:

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Matt Boyette says:

you have found me a good private server, thank you. i quit real wow cuz mop is stupid as hell. if u still play smolderforge i would love to play with you. youtube message me if interested

david ponce says:

Make a fuckin vid on how to join a privite sever dip shit

Jonathan O'Bannon says:

im new to priv servers helpppppppp pweeez

gaaratimeskip98 says:

Imagin8 WoW (3.3.5a) ! Brand New Server! Ran 24/7! Instant 80 PVP Server!
Hamachi Only For Now-
Network Name: Imagin8 (Imagin8 2,3, and 4)
Pass: PVR
GM’s Of The Server Are Chris And Dylan

To Connect:
1.Join our hamachi server
2.Grab my IP and enter it into your browser
3.Register an account on the website
4.Change your realmlist and you are set to connect!

pika166 says:

Smolderforge!! <33

Doomedlion says:

Or good private servers will have it fully explained on their forum, like the server I was on, just follow every step, no thinking needed xD

pandaland1 says:

It was definitely better than cataclysm…. lol

CWAMaster9870 says:

I stick to burning crusade. I’m just a really big fan of it

tllporto says:

If you want to do the trial then go to the world of warcraft website register an account and it will ask if you want to download the game (for mac) simple :) for private servers just download the full retail version and see tutorials on how to get it working for priv.servs.

rocketfizzl says:

how do you?

tllporto says:


FtwScreamo says:

is it possible to down this on a mac?

FtwScreamo says:

hey man can you help me download this lol

Elrion9 says:


Tim Navarrete says:

check if the realmlist.WTF file is set for this server i had the same problem but was a simple fix

MagnusTexaco says:

What to do when it says “Authenticating” for hours and hours?

OneShotByMe says:

it stands Authenticating

OneShotByMe says:

why cant i log in???!

OneShotByMe says:

i cant log in ;( it stands Authenticating …

ILYjoh says:

Hey guys I just wanted you to know about a new blizzlike server I have started. I am looking for some new players. The first 5 players will get a boost to level 20 and start with 50g and some WC armour. Message me on Youtube or add me on skype so i will know you were the 1-5 player to join.
set realmlist
set realmlist liftwow(dot)servegame(dot)com
ILYjoh 10 minutes ago

Kotaro Seta says:

There needs to be a tutorial on how to install this.

Gumbo talarczyk says:

what is the realm of the sea state

Michael Tucker says:

Best i have found is go to use the utorrent client and download the tbc 2.4.3 from their list then change the realmlist to whichever server’s list and start playing (they also have every other game client from 1.2.1 vanilla -4.3.4 cata)

a7xJonaSx says:

Hey man,please help me !!
The website says realms are online but it says offline when I log in.
please,i really want to play this,any help ?

Summerblossification says:

Description… jesus do you ever check the description?

NotGoingCrazy says:

You should make a server

RollerCoasterKing100 says:

how the hell do you get this ive been trying for days !

damian jurawan says:

uploaded on my bday XD Like!

EmileNDaan says:

is there a server like this but then better + with sms donate?
can u help me please

Tyler Lagace says:

question do you use the free bit torrent or pay for it

Wowmage623 says:


Tyler Lagace says:

well im trying to download thee torrent and its not working so i guess i cant play it

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