WoW Private Server Review – Molten WoW (3.3.5a) PvP

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This is my review of the WoW private server Molten-WoW and its realm Warsong PVP hope you enjoy :) Instant 80 arena & PvP realm Here is a link to the realm:- Thanks guys. Please Subscribe if you enjoy this video, New Videos Weekly Check out OpenWoW by far the best WoW Toplist you’ll find online! Steam: Facebook: Twitter:

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Connor yeomans says:

i play them because i get board of normal wow i enjoy getting level 90 then uber powerd gear lol

Paulius Kivylius says:

people play privats because they aren’t so stupid to pay for game

joshcarr2006 says:

That’s not it even pro people play on private server try Arena-Tournament you will get shit on so bad if you do 3’s and 5’s

Octrox says:

Best blizzlike 3.3.5a server out there? Anyone?

(would love if it had 1x xp rating!)

Matthew Schoenrock says:

Looking for a Cataclysm server with daily fixes and actual attention paid to the levelling experience? AstralWoW’s for you! 1x Rates, TRUE Blizzlike, PvE Ruleset, No Custom crap – just WoW as it should be at ALL levels! 1000 players on during peak times, but we need more! Running 4.0.3 with plans of opening 4.3 soon! No waiting to login!

Head to now!

Adam Eydelson says:

Please learn English I understood like 45% of what you said:* aka kbie.

TheBlackcraft99 says:

new server wow 3.3.5a lvl 255 40,000,000 maximum HP 15,000,000 maximum attack attentive GM have 20 players the goal is to reach 1000 players vip onlin the cheapest is easy raids friendly people level up fast IS SCORNCRAFT.INFO

nuevo servidor wow 3.3.5a lvl 255 40 millones maximo de sangre 15 millones maximo de ataque GM atentos tenemos 20 jugadores la meta es llegar a los 1000 jugadores onlin el vip es mas barato gente amigable raids faciles subir de nivel rápido es SCORNCRAFT.INFO

KillahMr says:

You sir, are pathetic.

draining12 says:

generalities . freeiz . com, BEST 3.3.5a private server, core scripts and game mechanism code extracted from BlizzCore, EVERYTHING working, 1x rates, completely blizzlike. the server is new, we need as much people as we can get to create a truly blizz-clone server. you won’t turn back, try it now!

frkiwow says:

wenas aki os dejo un server com promo lvl 80+10 y migracionen gratis.sin borrar tu pj.y es el enervatewow. cuentan con 2 reinos entrar al overkill . tienen npc de trasfiguracion

OfficialWoWBurn says:

Join WoWBurn !
Instant 80 level
Wotlk 3.5.5
For more information look at my profile!

Momoka Nishizawa says:

Molten-WoW doubles players online

dYAS33Nb says:

GO TO LegacyWoW . c o m , Perfected 4.0.6 Instant 85 PVP Realm with ALL WORKING SPELLS/SPECS. Start with Bloodthirsty, ARENA & BG for Vicious. FREE TRANSMOG. NO DONORS. 4.3.4 Realm is up and running with working Mastery/Arena/BGS also. LOOK NO FURTHER, Legacy WoW is the Future. JOIN TODAY!

dYAS33Nb says:

GO TO LegacyWoW . c o m , Perfected 4.0.6 Instant 85 PVP Realm with ALL WORKING SPELLS/SPECS. Start with Bloodthirsty, ARENA & BG for Vicious. FREE TRANSMOG. NO DONORS. 4.3.4 Realm is up and running with working Mastery/Arena/BGS also. LOOK NO FURTHER, Legacy WoW is the Future. JOIN TODAY!

lolat molten says:

Molten-WoW is scamming number of players online. The real population is half of what they claim it is. Proof: /watch?v=H429BSjcQqQ
If copying doesn’t work, type it by hand.

BenbanksTV says:

i know, im just trollin, i like to see the 12 year old white kids rage

Matzkuprod says:

Tell me retail realm which is WOTLK. Only reason why I do play in molten-wow is that cata sucks imo. Idiot.

BenbanksTV says:


ucantpickthisname says:

Pretty sure someone has already answered you but seeing as you’re the top comment i guess more people don’t know, Here’s the Realms in Molten, Lordaeron(Wotlk), Deathwing(Wotlk), Ragnaros(Wotlk), Frostwolf(Cata), Neltharion(Cata), Sargeras(Cata), Warsong(PvP Cata)

ucantpickthisname says:

I lost IQ points D:

Gulimtahnd says:

na it got moved to cata

Gulimtahnd says:

The realm actually got moved to a cata server most likely.

Aphariansolrac says:

i pretty sure that it got shut down ending of last year or beginning of this year around that time c:…

devyvalentino says:

its the best server thats why it’s always full but never takes 2 hours you bitching too much

mohammed alanzi says:

Nice channel

Jay Halla says:

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Thanks for reading, We hope to see you online! 3.3.5 funserver/pvp/pve Server

halokinging says:

no fighting foe real

LubeMee says:

Cruel-WoW 3.3.5a is the most thrilling PVP server around, do you like to arena hardcore? And make money ranking in the top 5? Cruel-WoW is the place. With instant 80 and free Relentless, it’s the best place to test your skills and earn better gear. Join today at Cruel-Wow. com Where PVP rests,

XxRepVans98xX says:

this server sucks ass. you have to wait 2 hours to get into a server and sometimes it D/Cs you right when you get on and have to wait another 2 hours

IamMuffinZeo says:

Warsong went Cata a few months ago and won’t be coming back.

Edu Falashi says:

apenas un idiota pagaria por jugar por algo que nisiquiera existe, solo consiste en diversion, no le encuentro la diversion en gastar dinero en algo que no te dejara nada y mas pagar por algo que lo puedes obtener gratis en un servidor privado

thebl4ckshadow says:

Heey, Im on Molten-wow now.. but Iv only got 3 realms.. and not the WSG realm. It doesnt give me instant 80, So.. my question is: Where can i find this realm and is it still up.. ?

RunespanRS says:

@inoth79 Yes

inoth79 says:

Dungeons/Raid are working with no bugs ? 

aquamentum says:

I play on private because i dont have alot of money …

CruelWoWInc says:

Cruel-WoW . Com #1 Private Server
Instant 85 PvP, Instant 80 PvP, 255 Fun Realm, active forums community, most spells and talents working on the Cataclysm realm, nearly all spells and talents working on the WotLK realms, great staff, 24/7 uptime, completely stable server. Check it out today!
More information? Blog . Cruel-wow . Com

96IzoD says:

You play privat servers cos real wow is to easy ….

96IzoD says:

Maelstrom wow my ass

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