WoW Private Server Review – Arena-Tournament (3.3.5a)

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This is my review of the WoW private server Arena-Tournament hope you enjoy :) Here is a link to the realm – How to connect to older WoW servers – Thanks guys. Please Subscribe if you enjoy this video, New Videos Weekly Check out OpenWoW by far the best WoW Toplist you’ll find online! Steam: Facebook: Twitter:

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SquidzCurse says:

WoW first MoP private server.Pandashan 5.0.5. Thumbs up so he can see!

Rohle Dawg says:

hm i cant download any wow 3.3.5 patch because there are no SE the pirate bay

teamrevalationgaming says:

I know a Mists of Pandaria server active right now if you want to review it MrGamemasterReviews. It’s called Pandashan, website is ww w . pandashan . com (without spaces).

teamrevalationgaming says:


Rohle Dawg says:

wow i really like this review good work, will chefck the server :)

Nathan Haas says:

All go to Catawow

Aphariansolrac says:

we want more vids!!!!

Johnny T says:

Could someone recommend a good 5.0.5-5.1.0 WoW Private server that is Blizz-like or High Xp, with a good population?

Kickazz080 says:

Can someone recommend a good 4.0.6+ server? was on wowdark once but it got taken down. please pm me. Im so bored all day.

UniversalGaminggg says:

@@@@Universal-Gaming@@@@ We’re here to offer you the best gaming service available. Free Items Just For First Month (January) Free Wrathful(Season8)/T10.5 Free Shadowmourne! Join Now!!!!!!!!!!!!! universal-gaming(dot)org

PvPfunn says:

do this server still work?

zenon nenon says:

There is MoP private server ,,Pandashan WoW,, pls do a review it!!!!! 😀

gaaratimeskip98 says:

Imagin8 WoW (3.3.5a) ! Brand New Server! Ran 24/7! Instant 80 PVP Server!
Hamachi Only For Now-
Network Name: Imagin8 (Imagin8 2,3, and 4)
Pass: PVR
GM’s Of The Server Are Chris And Dylan

To Connect:
1.Join our hamachi server
2.Grab my IP and enter it into your browser
3.Register an account on the website
4.Change your realmlist and you are set to connect!

dronim09 says:

YOU SAID u would review the firsdt mop private server when there was one theres like 3 that i know and you have nt review them y ?

NoOBGamerDZ says:

if any one want to play MOP private server come here pandashan. com , it a FR server but there a lot of eng players .

Gingah Lumba says:

Yes, i couldnt Find The realmlist even on their web-site.

OldSkoolNiz says:

What is the realmlist for this server? Their website is down :/

biltheslayer says:

pandashan server !!! mop 😀

luca degering says:

Can you Review cascade wow???

TheWoderX3 says:


Exata1337 says:

if it wasnt for the fact starting with s7 gear and 0 pve gear, and meeting full s8 geared ppl with dfo/dbw/phyl as low as 1300 mmr, it would be even more awesome…but unfortunately, due to that, i quit.

zamai5784 says:

My only problem is that I can never find a wrath client lol

Deediedk says:

Are you good at WoW???

ZinKKyyHD says:

Do Eternal-WoW

Omegadarkdrake says:


hey MGR guy, any good 4.0.6/4.3 pvp realms that are like arena-tournament or close to it?

MichelinoMike says:

hey do you know any mist of pandaria private server ? i tried wow pandashan but its buggy as hell .

erti655 says:

ur intro sux

Martin Stojanović says:

can u find private server for mop??


Test mond wow and re-review pleaseland wow

StartswithCendsinT says:

It was a resto druid, just a hybrid spec for 2s

baker500877 says:


iWiruxZ says:

Test wowbeez 😀

Reach miller says:

REACH – a Highrate/Funserver.

Extreme Rates x100 everything. Need GM’s to Help improve the server, First 6 people will be GM if needed i will provide a little training.

Login – ReachFunserver
Password – 1234

after the first 6 people have joined the next 10 after that will recieve exclusive VIP Privileges. To join reply to this comment, Mail me at – – or simply connect with the Information above, and i will make your account. Thanks – Reach

djosefg says:

AT #1, wowfreakz got an arena spectate (after AT tho)

Braxton Goss says:

we could skype and ill share screens and show you i live in america though but maybe we can work something out

Braxton Goss says:

i dont understand how you would install this when i do it and open it its not a launcher or anything, please reply mrgamemasterreviews im hating live and just wanna play this

derfla1292 says:

what type of problem are you having ? this particular server provides a step by step explanation of how to install it on their site.

RogueLover1996 says:

every time i try to install a wow private server it doesn’t work the only private that work was Phoenix-wow but its down can anyone help me

SerbianMegaGamer says:

Pandashan WoW the first mop semi blizzlike private server! It has got over 400+ players daily, constant fixes and develops active gm/dev team google it!

EljoPro says:

instant que,

Rootyz says:

Watch this to see the duel phasing system

Nemes1sXx says:

How are the BGs? If the BGs are good i might consider playing this for a bit.

Kirisage says:

MM some would argue that it was BC, but yeah wotlk was decent.

Philip Buch says:

WoTLK was the best version ever..

ABCD123kk says:

Wotlk was shit

aper popo says:

is molten-wow still the best privat server :)?

dragovic90srb says:

Couldn’t agree more :)

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