wow Private Server Free GM

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Close open set realmlist set patchlist WoW 2.3.x BC Private Server :) Join Now!

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Fenkuro says:

The exp was over 9000!

William CANO ALZATE says:

gas de server todo los servidores de gm q evisto siem pre me creo cuentas y me sacand e una por q es q q les pasa!!??

silvernero64 says:

oh well… ok!

johnytwotimes1 says:

yeah um… no

silvernero64 says:

is there a officail way to get wow free without trial???

GreymanePresents says:

Join Bencraft hamachi server! 500x rates!

IP:Bencraft Server


With teleportations and gear! With high xp rates and working instances,cataclysm areas and RAIDS!

WoW00Gamer1 says:

‘Shadows of Pandaria’ Join Today! View the video on my channel *Need GM’s, Admins and Developers* – The only Private server with Custom Battlegrounds, and even a Custom Planet!!! (MUST VIEW VIDEO ON MY CHANNEL FOR APPLY QUESTIONS)

SWEsubstep says:

dreamwalk . servegame . com

IeyShar says:

Server waits only for you! Custom S5/S6/Vote items. Incoming QuestLocation, T7 and Custom instance will secure you more fun-time surely! Server exists since 2 months and INVITES YOU NOW – the fastest population ever 190 online!

BloodcraftBlizzClone says:

Join bloodcraft(dot)no-ip(dot)org, the Blizz CLONE 3.3.5a PVP private server!
~Never any donator equips/customs/vote rewards
~Never any underage GM’s
~99.9% uptime, no lag
~All rates 1x
~Growing population with current average of 700+

Wow5462 says:

handymen is currently looking for a few gms Right now we have 5 GM positions Available First come First served. Email me at or Chat message private server on hamachi


TheKox62 says:

Heroic-WoW . de  Seit 7 Tagen Online :) Und find den meiner Meinung nach echt klasse :)

DangerousMindXx says:

Voted top wow server for 2010? on what? a site made by you? lawl

Nikolai Debono says:

A new WoW private server…..Infiniticraft is a instant 80 private server which is focused on pvp. visit the website at w ww (.)infiniticraft (.) com to register and play.
New players will be rewarded if they stay for more than 3 days. We have friendly GM’s which are utterly helpful !

Demaree DeWeese says:

“Want to play WoW for free?

Go to

Create your Acount, and play WoW, for free!

Flexxi1991 says:

All Join WowEclipZe The Ultimated Private Server. The First 20 players who is comming get lvl 80 and full Furious and 15000g Server info: Uptime 24/7 Blizzlike. Xp Rate 3x Running 3.3.x pach All Battlegrounds Works. Alliance and Horde can be in same group. The New Ruby sanctum Raid available and working! Icecrown Citadel Works. The new 2 players Flying mount available Custom Teleporter to all location. Guaranteed no lagg Running on a Dedicated server. ht*tp://­3721

lookatmeM says:

Check out my channel for a lag free server and bug free server!

3.3.5 non hamachi!

machinegun08 says:

Join Arcon World! WoW Private Server on 3.3.5!
Instant 80! MaNGOS based core! 99% Bugfree!
98% of spells working! DK starting zone with all Talent Points!
3 Custom malls, 1 for Alliance, 1 for Horde and a common mall located in GM Island.
Friendly community, always latest gear (T10.5 Heroic, S8…).
Friendly and active staff and community!
BGs working!
New realms soon!

Cofimaslisa says:

i have a GM now its free noob


****TOP WoW SERVER****
RECRUITING GM’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

armando1653 says:

looking for a server to play on that is 3.3.3a needs staff i am well exp pm me or send me a message at GamingCooki@live(dot)com please no kid servers

AcidDragonSake says:

GM for here is $20 its not free.

wowhead53 says:

TangaeWoW is looking for more members and Staff!!! We are currently on Hamachi and we are a new server so we need 1 scripter, 1 GM and 1 Dev we also have a full mall, and many events Hamachi Info:Username: TangaeWoW Password: coolkid ill meet you ingame =)

jjaacoobb says:

WTF you took my name kronix have it on like evry game wannabe

Elias Petersson says:

ill be gm or dev

pokeremaster says:


resgaming says:

RES Gaming!
A dedicated 24/7 server!
Experienced Staff!
24/7 Uptime!
Blizzlike and Funlike servers!
Player Owned Houses!
Tier 11 and Season 9!
Working Dual Spec!
and more!

xxxlegobatmanTECxxx says:

hey ill do it

nick59405 says:

join my private server
hamachi info!!!!

Lad700900 says:

Hello, GM. Melonz speaking,
Patch 3.3.3! Join CosmicWoW Now! Working Mall, Working Spells. Quests etc!
Hamachi Info -User : CosmicWoW : Pass (123)-
Working on Non-Hamachi!

LittleBayPony says:


pirinskoo says:

Join FOr RealZ WoW! site : forrealzwow. ath. cx
Malls – Horde and Ally
Gears : S8 and T10 for free in the mall!
Hardcore PVP!
Events : PVP, Stairs, Guild, Seeker, Race
98% of class spells work! And mage blink works! DK army of death too!

Mike Da Boss says:

DeathMasters a great PvP server, fully scripted and spawned. TBC 2.4.3 looking for staff. Vote and get rewared. Includes a 3.2.2 server Blizzlike. Helpful and behaved GMs. Always online. Many events, just visit us on deathmasters(.)sytes(.)net and enjoy the real private server without hamachi. It is public and has a dedicated host.

Eddy Grant says:

RES Gaming
A Dedicated 24/7 Private Server!
Friendly Staff!
No Hamachi!
Player Owned Houses!
Funlike and Blizzlike!
Tier 11 and custom raids!

WarcraftTeamServer says:

Hey! We have a new World of Warcraft Private Server. It is free and we are looking for everyone. You can be a new player, or you can be an advanced player. If you don’t have the game, we will give you a download for free. We have custom content, quests, and more added weekly. You can even submit ideas! We are new, so we are under beta. We need EVERYONE to join in and help improve. The next 20 will receive a character with the level of their choice. Visit warcraftteamforums . com!

wowgotmylife says:

you cant open the game use repiar this blizzard item

xXLegitWoWServerXx says:

Join my Server!
-Level to 80 in in 10 min (Leveling Road!)
-Kill custom bosses and enjoy custom made weapons and quests.
-Gear up with raiding and PvP gear.
-Whisper Kentert (ingame) to Recieve GM powers.
-equal gear and items for each faction
-No lag

Hamachi: FunServer2148
Pw: 1234
Set Realmlist:
Visit legitwowserver(dot)com to create an account or open a chat with wubface720 on hamachi

PoopGame says:

Sry free to be à gm on this server if it is echelonedwow

PoopGame says:

Sry i mean its free to be à gm

PoopGame says:

The server is freestyle gm server when u create a chratcher u r gm

Misha Mackia says:

what is that, r u GM, or do u have to pay first in this server?

Mr99stats says:

i need help how do i get the server my pc??

ivi129075 says:

runescape Items XD

thepornfary says:

lolz just made acc here D:

Aucti8 says:

its here at wow-gm-world . com

D0nnsan says:


we are a pretty new server with no lagg
WE need all ppl who wanna? join a good and helpfull server
with nice and helpfull GMs.

we use wow patch 3.1.3

add us in hamachi and u get the address to our site!

hamachi IP:brotherhoodrealm(2)
(2) means if server 1 is full

Dont Hesitate Join Now!

mbehrns says:

Classicarmy wow looking for more players/GMS

Highrate server
Currently 28 account

Join us!

to register!!

We are on 3.2.0a

martindahl123 says:

poison-wow private server
looking for players and
gm’s … no admins soz
custom mall
custom events
most event server)
looking for peoples that know how to make custom portals.
messege me (OPS it is hamachi) messege me for join!!!.
WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR??? hurry before the gm pots is end !!!!!

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