WoW MoP Private Server

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to enter go to sign-up then change your realmlist to set realmlist then have fun!!! CHARACTER: RACE: WORGEN CLASS: DEATH KNIGHT SIDE: ALLIANCE EXTRA TAGS

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Damian Schulz says:


fadedbannana says:

spongebobb faillll

omgitsgrim2 says:

his account was shut down 😀

omgitsgrim2 says:

having a naked blood elf model just shows you have no life

Evilzerr says:

its not swifty dumbfuck

TwiZzYxFe3ding says:

Omg, swify?! Y u look at private servers?!

RagingPotard says:

Sad you. He can have whatever he wants. And you, pathetic. Picking on younger children. You are trying to be swifty. Sad person.

Aphariansolrac says:

Virgin WoW – 0:11 just about sums it up….

360Tr1ckSh0ts says:

I laughed So hard when I read this. Lmfao.

janeskiman says:

lol man you have porn patch ? xD

RaisenHUN says:

Nude custom patch

Куката Хах аа says:

dude are you serious this is Cataclysm not pandaria lol

Oyunbold Boldbaatar says:

2:11 it looks wrong

Lama LP says:

Stop it on 0:11 ………. FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP xD

AK47extra says:

:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD this have to call WOW Porn

babe1973 says:

Not MoP

anterglory says:

thats not swifty… he has two ss’s in his name… Swifty has 1 s in his name…. Johnsju

Vuk Tadic says:

this is cata ! ? -.^

Hans Christian Norschau says:


LayMasterLolz says:

Chaos WoW Cataclysm 4.0.6, daily fixes, a lot of spell fixes, instant 85, great mall, world boss, working mastery, PvP And PvE, Events, Quest Area, Profession Mall Nice gear setup, Active Developer team, friendly players and staff. Join Now! Search Chaos-WoW on GOOGLE, or search chaos-wow . com on google instead.

JallaxxDoGeHawwaxx says:

Hi Swifty! What are you doing here? 😛

BohemiaValois says:

Sith rules this video, look on that lightsaber!
And now, GTFO

k bh says:

Heya, Anyone discovered the Phantom Cash System? (do a Google Search) Ive found out many impressive stuff about it and my dad made loads of money with it!

Liviu4100 says:

holy mother of lag =))rofl

ComedyKidsswe says:

Fail 0:11 xD

Drag7nity says:

what did i just watch?

PURPLEHAZE0000 says:

lol he named the blood elf iloveyou

Emperor Manuel says:

Lol u got Nude patch ?
He sure jerking off any morning ….

Emperor Manuel says:


That is MoP ?
idiot …..

snowpoodle6 says:

duh its the only thing you can hear XD

Marcus James says:

this is retarded

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