WoW Mists Of Pandaria [5.1.0a] Private Server Repack

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This is a fresh Complie of A Mists Of Pandaria Core [/sandbox]. Get it here: or or for updated versions: Known Bugs: Spells Don’t work yet Some characters can’t speak any language Some characters get the errors of character creation failed. World is not spawned yet as its not been spawned in database and it has not been coded either into the core..

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LO Pascu says:

hay algun con mas rate

secondlifereviewer says:

“World is not spawned yet as its not been spawned in database and it has not been coded either into the core..” That was the quotes of the last part of the description. It’s not fake, next time read the description retards. And it is not a bad video because it’s a start to get 5.0.1 servers.

Blooddk man says:

Wtf is wrong with famale pandaren’s butt? ^^

fadedbannana says:

is this p server fake i get downloaded 

burb baconburb says:

MoP server: Pandashan

Mohmed ABdulnogwat says:

Epic fail plz kill yourself

Ossiel Perez says:

panda-DK??? jajajaja XDDD gtfo!!! XD

Dimel l says:

panda-paladin??? go fuck your self

splash897 says:


splash897 says:

Sandbox private server is not completed yet Deferred learn to read the BOX

splash897 says:

Didn’t mean they dont support the video graphic

splash897 says:

LOL EVER HEARD OF ESC SETTINGS VIDEO GRAPHICS PUT IT ON FAIR OR LOW K HERE’S THE DEAL WITH PRIVATE SERVERS THEY DO NOT SUPPORT THE GOOD AND HIGH VIDEO GRAPHICS ….but once the fair or low is put in you wont have a lag ever again but mon private server I have it set on good and it has no lag try out mond-wow google it or google top 200 private servers t o find 5.1.0a servers there’s about 3 or 4 5.1.0a have fun

simoneaux15 says:

Sorry but that server sucks, it’s laggy as hell

joseaquiler says:

Lol… you cant even create a DK on pandaren…

Krenjam says:

Just so you know this is just recorded of Heroes wow a 3.3.5a private server.

splash897 says:

whats a 5.1.0a private server?

splash897 says:

google pandashan private server

razor456789 says:

anyone know where to get a 5.1.0 private sever for mists of pandaria? ._.

FenomLP says:

Look in My Chanel!

maxi40789 says:

Look on my Channel!

maxi40789 says:

Look on my Channel!

TheCssWowGuy says:

The server is called Heroes Wow and it’s a 3.3.5/wotlk private server, lvl cap 255

Snow Paw says:

hero wow??

PhycoMonster says:

What peice of shit are you trying to imply?

MrLeRoY250 says:

nope it’s not heroes it’s morg

MrLeRoY250 says:

it’s wrath of the lich king

Shaminat0r says:

It is Heroes, it’s just when playing Heroes, you must remove some files and on Heroes it’s called Heroes of Pandashan and you only have a few races. I used to play.

TrionicGearGaming says:

its not heroswow has more races

David Bunata says:

this server suck . i need some normal server not this shit

BungoV1 says:

fake, the char creation screen is all wrong, was hoping to find a mop core :(

idid urmom says:

i cant get password

Савелий Савочкин says:

то русс. серв

dRaxeify says:

best private server mop is PANDASHAN find in google

Vladimir Montoya says:

still need to fix some buggs in the game! like quest and some lag

Krisiqn Kivulov says:

this is server is Heroes wow

connor sellwood says:

that on 3.3.5 i play that is called heroes wow custom server

ssttteeff says:

Wings of the Ikarus – Celldweller

Spandacus says:

I got an good friend who gave me a few accs in servers.. he was an perfect player with great fame, also he donated so many. After he gave me his accs I found many donation points etc.. so I can say: a server almost same as the real game.

Btw no, I don’t know. I mostly listen rap or MoP musics..(lol) Anyways sometimes I can get the name of the songs, but this time I can’t, sorry.

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