wow Infinity lvl 255 funserver

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Glen Solem says:

Guys! I tried a 3.3.5 private server called Eternal-WoW. It has three 3.3.5 realms, one custom realm, and a Cataclysm 4.3.4 realm. You should really check it out! eternal-wow(.)com

ardit zylfiu says:

guys you now ..
you now how much i love this server :(
lets hope i can play this too :(
its very awsome :)

Nick Zalewski says:

You guys should check out Eternal-WoW, It also has A level 255 Custom Realm :) But if you don’t like level 255 Custom server, there’s A Instant 80 PVP server and Blizzlike server :)! Eternal-WoW d o t c o m

frikiscastrolaxe says:

People used to laugh at funservers because of high stats, hp and so on. Nowadays, they have this HP and stats in Blizzard servers. that’s just LOL, and that’s why i think Blizzard is a funserver now :)

I played this server years ago, when it was only TBC and had 2-3 255, it was fun but i think the server died for some reason. Sad.

Stephan Ervik says:

You should definitely check out eternal-wow! Insanely populated and exceptional great server to play on! Been playing here for.. 2 years? Had a hard time finding this server, though, but its definitely my favourite, NO DOUBTS!

MyniiWoW says:

I’ve seen a blood DK in ICC with 1500k ilvl 545 stamina enchants, gems, blood presence + in ICC (+30% stamina)

Matt W says:

1.3 Million will be obtainable for tanks gemmed all stamina next patch.

Stanley Stokes says:

Its like all the good p-servers r going i miss Mond-wow soo much :(((!

Nemanja Isma says:

Hey guys, i know one of the best private servers, The Eternal-WoW, you should check it, and join it. I’m playing here for more than a year, and it’s amazing. Lagg free, more than four realms, no bugs! Friendly players! eternal-wow(dot)com

Роман Курилов says:

Looks like fucking trash.

SoundMast3rz says:

Try this one

Filip Mihoci says:

whats the nice song whats the name?

Nicholas Curtis says:

There is this private server out there is SO awesome man called Eternal Wow, I have played on it for years now. 4 realms on Wotl, blizz-like, straight PVP, and funservers. And have a cata realm! It’s great!

Marko Thiess says:

thats because he is german and he has the things in german

Jay UD says:

server is dead sad..

CrazysHD says:


2pros1cup says:

Youtubevid, what a retarded character name!

Charalambos Pils says:

Can I have a link please where I can Download and register??Pleasee!!!

Isaiah Lopez says:

It says energie not energy on his thing

Boris Chunchev says:

you should try
worldofthegods but the 255 its better

TheJoss1337 says:

how to download?

Alfa Neger says:

This server dont work

Alfa Neger says:

Compare Health and damage?

Manwitha Machinegun says:

Everyone who can tell a quality private server misses Underworld :/

Pat ringelman says:

I miss underworld

Filip Mihoci says:

haste Skype??

Filip Mihoci says:

wahts the Name from this p-sever

santiago aldana says:

olle en ese servidor tienes que pagar

NeNoX MaGe PvP says:

StartLvl: 1
Rate.XP.Kill = 20
Rate.XP.Quest = 25
Rate.XP.Explore = 8
Arena.ArenaStartRating = 0
Arena.ArenaSeason.ID = 8
Arena.AutoDistributeInterval = 3.5 Dias

elias bell says:

I can’t join

Lazar Cvetkovic says:

Is this ex merciless wow?

Scott Carman says:

how do u get it

Popkoat says:

*Universal – Gaming* aka *Scape – Gaming*
With Maxmell hosting the *335a* server!
Old *BattleScape* realm is back…
Old *WoWscape x20* realm is back…
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AlexxaSixx says:

german yeay yeay ^-^ 

Kennie Fasters says:

WOW. what a ugly picture you got…. Never seen something more childish 

Noah N says:

dud that is so cool did u make your own server

Jakob Kjaer says:

compared to their lvl, their Hp really isnt that high

xJackzRicex says:

was a great server

Kaspars Kalniņš says: New MU server. VIP sistem (free vip) sell stats and more.Go and play 😉

Popkoat says:

Universal Gaming New Private WoW Server 3 3 5a Patch Custom Gear Custom Bosses Instant lvl 80 Free Shadowmourne, t.10.5 and Season 8 gear for a limited time! Dedicated Staff 300 + after two weeks. Watch my video clips for an view of our servers.

frankie peña says:

video is so good

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