WoW – Cata WoW Private Server

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Close So i decided i’m gonna record me playing games for now on, i will be …

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hampuwsh says:

Wow you got really defensive and started using harsh words, is something wrong? Ye the server is balanced when people are running around with 200k hp, if you want that much hp, go play MoP. A good pvp server of Cata should have vicious with decent amout of HP. I’ve tried the server for 1 day, its so bad, no good system, bad players, and “You’ll need skill to own”? Are you fucking retarded? Get yourself good gear and go oneshot, that skillful. Lol aggressive , have a nice day nerd

TheAdixhello says:

None of you are true, it’s way to easy to get QA Key.

cagriwow says:

You must be retared, arent you?
QA is easy to get 3 tokens per kill, you’ll need skill to own.. i doubt that you have that but.. well go fuck yourself

MaPXappa says:


AspecTsGamingLab says:

I used to play on Cata-WoW but now its just stupid.OP gear,OP donators

hampuwsh says:

It’s really a bad server tbh, you will not have a chance in gurubashi or arena unless you have full donator gear since everyone runs around with it, seing warriors with 200k hp one shot everyone is fun. Necklace, rings, cloak etc is to OP

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