World of warcraft tbc private server commands (mangos)

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World of warcraft tbc private server commands – enjoy.

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Benjamin stormrage says:

Hey all, if you miss playing with the BC expansion, there is a new private server out 2.4.3 Called Stormrage, since its new, be the first 70, be the best geared! get in first while you can :), 18x leveling rate, blizzlike raiding/pvp the gold rate is increased compared to alot of the higher xp rates so you dont have to fall behind with training or strain for gear at 70, the website is stormragedotorg if you wanna check it out :)

Eddy Grant says:

SIN Gaming – WoW

– 24/7 Uptime

– No Lag!

– No hamachi!

– Thousands of members

– Awesome website

– Blizzlike realm

– Insta-80 realm

– Several devs!

– Join today!

– singaming . com

christhebest07 says:

shut up.. look when this was made… noob

Thekriss9805 says:

server for noobs :/ ….

iddTBCbrutals says:

alot bether server! kara is 5 man able and 25 man raids can be 10 manned! all bosses works, and got all retail magics! starter gear is 70 epic from kara and D3 gear!
Instant 70 server! vote for t4! Check out my channel aswell, to see it!
set realmlist

SkyAngel Sandy says:

Einzigartiger Deutscher Kostenloser Wotlk PrivatServer 3.3.5a – Blue Dimension
PvP HighRate Rates x20 / PvE Blizzlike Rates x1 / PvP Fun Rates x50. Vieles Einzigartiges zu Erleben!!!
Events wie Weg der 1000 Schreie, eigenes Equipt, LottoEvent, Happy Weekend und noch vieles mehr
Charakter,Gildentransfer möglich und ein Starterpaket für neue Spieler, Freundliche Community. 100% Online und Komplett Laagfrei

Senbonzakura195 says:

I play on a mangos server at midnight-TBC com its pretty cool!

chriskirt123 says:

join our new wow server
network name twisted craft
password twisted
need gm’s
need website devoulpers

TheEmillionair says:

Which Private Server is that where everyone can be a GM?

marek94druzinec says:

bye everyone my name is Marek and I play the best private server free to join us and see agentboske (dot) servegame (dot) org

Hanesh Johnson says:


Hanesh Johnson says:

whats teh site called?

catherineomoa says:

nice video. have any of you guys looked at the wow cheats pack at warcraftbotsXinfo (replace X with .) ? its awesome, i just downloaded the pack. its got totally everything in it, gold guides, bots, hacks, glitches and even the newest arena glitch. i probably shouldn’t tell people about it but at the very least it offers you all a fair opportunity to download it before i own you all!

Vegard Anuglen says:

Do you miss TBC? Kwow is a recently created TBC server with instant 70, custom pvp events and much more!! you find us at kwow.endofinternet. org

Felix Skoglöf says:

Hello, there is a server called Ashbringer wow
Instant hightest level pve and pvp server
All bgs working
Icc is working
Website ashbringer(dot)org
Alot of stuff Have fun and play

jockermoon231 says:

what private server is this whats it called????? please write back please i wanna play it it looks fun and if u tell me there will be a new player to vote and crap

jocke mannen says:

can i be gnome mage to do this becuse is dont go to be blood elf in private server

Unl3ashedB3ast says:

Get A Free World Of Warcraft Game Card (60 Days) Under 2 Days

Site Link: Pr3miumAcc3ss.tkx<<<<<<< REMOVE THE X (its just tk) Complete Offers And Earn Points Towards Great Prizes!

RafaelJenkinsj says:

freewowgametime*com?join=9 get your free pre-paid WoW card. Gladys Bruzewski

Ilan van Dijk says:

OMG OMG OMG =]] Where i can download THIS server ? 😀

atvboy001 says:

Scion WoW is hiring staff!!!

3.3.2 private server
*High Rates
*Mature/Friendly staff
*Wrathful Gladiator!!!

Sign up today at scionwow(Dot)com !!

TheUltraRawr says:

Check out my test realm.
Its hamchi free.
need feed back.
Don’t Forget the “W’s” In The Url or ELSE

JointKids says:


mdarkness1 says:

anyone want to make money?? if u click my google ads on my website ill give u 10p each click then email me through my website im mdarkness and ill see if u clicked any. of my ads first. must have paypal for money transfers. register if u like games :) ww w . skiitzo . co m also advertise servers:)

Maryann Habib says:

what private server im using is fablewow the gay part is that i need the 3.3.0 patch so yea i got the 3.1.3 patch can anyone plz message me where i can find a 3.3.0patch download so just leave a comment or message me,Ok thanx

MrTechnolower says:

hey do you know the ID for music
and the code

Jesse12ification says:

when ever it try to get into a gm server it says you need to have a battlenet account thing converted

fishhead4k says:

Feenix server is the best Pre BC server. awesome community. Classic honor system
Scripted instances and raids. no donation items or custom items. just a awesome server. Feenix(dot)nl

kutzak159 says:

my freinds and i are looking for 5 more people to join our fun server, so we can do raids/instances—

Your bored? your mature?
Message me and i’ll give ya the adderes of our server.

narutofrn says:

hello all join grambelwow wi have mall and wi needs gms and players^^ networkd name: grambelwow pass: 123 hope you want join

IRoflYouBT says:


PADRON93 says:

did u find out?

DakotaGamer says:

Where do you get the item IDs? i cant ever find them

99EpicFails says:

if i go and kill people in stormwind like guards, do they respwan?

iverson lukic says:

this working?

gocartsgo says:

ne1 know a place or could send me a list of commands i hate switching back nd fourth between wow nd youtube :(

ThePivotREX says:

yeah naxp

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