World of warcraft Private server

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World of Warcraft Private Server i play its fun you should join at its my first video sry if it sucks.

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Magic2500 says:

Please read the first sentence of my last reply -_-.

okke1337 says:

like you?

HollowHelmet says:


rezinator483 says:

no its for people that cant pay 20$ a month

partyman147 says:

If it wasn’t meant to be entertaining than why do you make video -.-

kjevo says:

no they are freeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Magic2500 says:

It wasn’t meant to be entertaining..It was meant to be an advertisement.But I had no clue how to do anything on videos so it came out as the PoS that you watched.

Hooded0Demon says:

private servers r for n00bs

finalshots3 says:

waste of time, dude, if u wanna make vids, please at least try to make something more entertaning

Magic2500 says:

Butthurt faggot.

kstonner says:


Magic2500 says:


Magic2500 says:

I wasn’t talking to everyone, just the people that asked how to get on the gay server, faggot.

KraySilence says:

jepp u can

deathdaddy6 says:


kelvinrogal says:

Yes you can

kstonner says:

look dont yell at us for not know when it was made its youre own dumbass fault for not removing it in the first place!

seceon says:


thunderphil657 says:

OMG if it’s down then remove the video

Magic2500 says:

Hey to all the dumbasses asking on how to get on this gay ass server, it’s gone, look at the date of it was fucking added.

Magic2500 says:


Magic2500 says:

Didn’t know how back then.

Magic2500 says:

It’s both, wrapped in a little gift bag.

Magic2500 says:

It wasn’t my serve :).

KidAdam121 says:

hey great first vid!

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