World of Warcraft Private Server ~ Eternion-WoW

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Join Eternion-WoW Private Server today at: Server Features: -Multipurpose MagicStone -Globalized World Chat -Custom Game Play -Custom Items -Custom Quests -Custom Instances -Active Developers, always adding and refining things in the server. -Helpful and active Game Masters -Active community -Pvp gameplay -Awesome Donation items -Constant improvement Credits: -Weakling (Video Editor & Camera Man) -GMs of Lost City Realm Music Used: Fallen Army – GRV Music Trinity – James Dooley And Eternion-WoW

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Michael Foster says:

this has a virus

ryugi95 says:

It doesn’t work…

FreeriideDZN says:

As am I.

Trendorz says:


TheGuyWhoOwnsYou737 says:

This now supports mop right?

xAUZGAMERx says:

can you help me i keep getting game path error its pissing me off please HELP!!!!

Paffcho Deqnov says:

realmlist ?

MysterymanQsMan says:

i think you can, but it will take more time to download

dragon12user says:

got skype il sent it to you

dragon12user says:

try it think so

DaffyDuck123451 says:

Melga was here LCs best vip rogue:)-melga

Joey Park says:

it crashed my computer and i had to buy a new one it sucks

nassier bobby says:

lol gimp

47basher says:

im on here and im a lvl 85 goblin death knight

CommanderDaynad says:

”Two Steps From Hell” More epic music :P, check it out.

NickolaySheitanov says:

I am looking for Staff (GMs Developers etc.) for my private server, please visit this video or message me for details
video: /watch?v=V3hrlTkHk8Y

Nwakilla187 says:

Hmmmm > watch?v=gIWVQv4kK0I

rasm411r says:


onleybrearley says:

Join Im On It The Server Is Good

NickolaySheitanov says:

New WoW Private server looking for STAFF GM visit my channel or video for more info:

HeadSHoTBiTcHx says:

fuck you brazilian faggot

Myrus Galled says:

I aready try to install this game but he don’t works…is because i m in brazil?

Tommy Lindsey says:

ahhh good times
one of the good servers that came out same time as mond those servers are rarely seen

Twoja Stara says:

wtf is wrong wit this

john van der kraan says:

i had an acc here with 2 cyclone daggers i am thinking about playing again

xXFrostxNinjaXx says:

@thegamechannel123 I looked on another vid and did that thanks though it’s working now. I’m on eternion what’s it guys name?

thegamechannel123 says:

put the file your trying to run in your wow folder.

xXFrostxNinjaXx says:

it keeps saying wow.exe can be found PLEASE HELP

MrFagbags says:

i cant PWN YOU im in hellscream

MsZebrachick101 says:

im having some troubles on how to get this to boot up i switched realmlists and now its giving me the wow exe error

juggalagalohomie666 says:

k i moved it n got set up where i can log into wow but when i log in it says it has hit critical error what do i do

juggalagalohomie666 says:

how do i move it

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