World of Warcraft Private Server 255 Funserver 3.3.5

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World of Warcraft Private Server 3.3.5 Wow Funserver 1-255 leveling road (DOWN) Set Realmlist —————— Infinity 255 Fun —————— Custom Instances/Bosses Custom Gear/Weps Custom Global Chat System! Working Battlegrounds/Arenas Awesome Levling Grounds Less Buggs! Friendly Staff! Custom Teleporter Awesome Starting Gear! 4 Vip Ranks VIP Mall/Global Mall High-Rate ((Im Just Gamemaster. Not owner))

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D5monsl4y says:

Fake as shit

Louis-David Massé says:

0:23 it says infinitywow LOL

Winter Norman says:

the servers down guys, its not fake, the owner said on the site that he will only have it up on his spare time, and who knows when that will be? also the site is only have open anyways when it is open, the 255 funserver is for “donators” only, which is a real bummer ik, please don’t hate on this guy, because he did a good job at advertising this server.

Phoeniixaaew says: is a great server for 3.3.5 you should check it out, instant level 80 with pvp and pve players :)

MrTeachMeeHow says:

Wow-Addicts. World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.5. Instant 80. Arena and Battleground server. Fully working Arenas. Fast battleground Ques! Neatly arranged Horde and Alliance Malls. Daily events, low latency and competent and friendly Gamemasters!

Wow-Addicts, feed your addiction

Antviking77 says:

Fake accounts comment
Fake site.

Robin Gunnarsson says:

it´s a fake site !!!! 

Cain Rivera says:

Icecrownwow (.) com is a Wrath of the lichking 3.3.5A Private Server




kostadin angov says:

why site dont work

raulinho93 says:

The best wotlk 255 fun server is w w w .wowzzor .c o m,no downtime/no lag,Over 2800 Custom Items,over 30k accounts,over 80k characters,Friendly staff
Feel free to join the adventure!

yooremine2 says:

haha site off:-j

Lucas Hau says:

THe site dont work

dass5911 says:

i start again?

dass5911 says:

i love this server

Tommy Rogers says:

OMG With the fucking retarded music in these videos! Slim Shitty sucks.  Stop assaulting our ears with that shit!

W0wGamers says:

Read top comment i answered?
Eminem Talking 2 myself.

Cengiz Dogan says:

Song Name

Calltoarmspvp335a says:

Hey guys be sure to check out my private server Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 60 twink server, CUSTOM SPELLS AND CUSTOM ARMOR, Start off with honor to buy your gear then work your way up through the bgs to get the better custom gear hope to see you on here soon! (BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THIS CHANNEL AND SIGN UP FOR THE BETA!)

Calltoarmspvp335a says:

Hey guys be sure to check out my private server Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 60 twink server, CUSTOM SPELLS AND CUSTOM ARMOR, Start off with honor to buy your gear then work your way up through the bgs to get the better custom gear hope to see you on here soon!

CrossfireClanpro007 says:

No everyone cant enter it went down very long time ago idk why.

weloxia says:

Is it just me or Can anyone else go on the website Linked ?

Ariba123123 says:

Check out our new private wow server Frozen Wastes:

1.The population is low still but it will grow, core is really stable :)

2.Most raids and all Bgs fully scripted!

3.Check it out at Frozen-waste(dot)com

4.Realm Alexstrasza 12x Wotlk 3.3.5a Blizzlike.

5.New players will start at Level 40 and receive 1000 starting gold. (for January Only)

6.We will be doing random fun events During the start up. You can win epics (Gear mounts etc.)

7. We have professional and friendly staff.

clawen1337 says:

is it still up?

NicolasTheNoble says:


4.2.0 Private Server / Ruthless Armor / T12 HC


Brand new World of Warcraft Free Private Server (MagisteriumWoW)
If you wish to play, visit our website at:
Yes, just type

The best World of Warcraft private server awaits YOU!

MenWoWBlizzlike says:

w w w . . org come here blizzlike 3.3.5a private server you will enjoy it olmost no bugs ! all instaces/raids working ! quests WORKING + we are looking for gs/gm’s !

JJBreakingGames says:

Hello there! New private server here (hamachi ATM) Looking for Admins, Gamemasters, and Event Makers Join my hamachi Username : FuryBlane-WoW  Password: 123 Join Before its full! Its a level 255 server adding a PVP wants i get a host! Site almost finished, Join and make a application of anykind Just put spaces between questions.

LeetGamersProduction says:

this server is a bit like underworld wow..

the best custom server ever made was underworld wow / mirandas wow..

LeetGamersProduction says:

these are the best type of servers,, i wish they were some for cata

NightFear1992 says:

Is there any cataclysm 255 funserver? O.o

TheWaewert says:

dude this server is not called unforgiven wow

Stefank19k says:

Come join dreamwalk.servegame. com

WOTLK 3.3.5

Really good PVE & PVP private server. All instances and raids are fully working! Come try it. Your going to love it :) 

Snillur007 says:

What the Hell is the weside called for this server ????? or is this just fake shit ??? everyone showing vidio of this serve, And everyone saying fake Websides WTF!!??

marko97able says:

i cant register dude your link doesnt work :(

raulbutuc says:

This is Unforgiven WoW,,, but has stolen a bit from the old EpicWoW, which unfortunantly is not online anymore.

Marguss Snabovics says:

New private server 3.3.5a with working spells and talents !! :)
Need Peoples , and GM’s Scripter , And someone who can make a Website :(
Comon , join us now ! We running for some time Hamachi ^^

Hamachi : Blazer-WoW Password : 123

Wilker Augusto says:

.New private server 3.3.5a with everthing working.

.Need people to join.

.Friendly GM and it is x 20

.Come join us. Pm so i can send you the server registration page 😀 see you in the game !
More information join hamachi : ID ParagonWoW
Pass parati1018paga

karkar7dk says:

server down 

Amadeus951 says:

set realmlist hamachi
Network ID—-WoW-Pretorians
Fun server
Come and see will not be disappointed
3.3.5a patch
I need 2 players as GM NOW!!!

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