World of Warcraft 4.0.6 Private server

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ForrealzWoW Presents Patch 4.0.6 and 3.3.5. Core Update Successfully!——– The update took a little longer then I hoped but we…

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Paul nicoara says:


Toemaytoe Soup says:


Great Staff,Blizzlike scripted Bosses,NO CUSTOM ITEMS,NO PAY to WIN policy, JOIN us now and help us populate this brand new server!

Xp Rates : 25x
Money Rates : 20x
Item Drop Rates: 7x
Reputation : 30x
Proffesions : 2x

Site: Nightgames(.)ro
set realmlist

Nightgames(.)ro LET’S MAKE IT FUN!

starko789 says:

El mejor servidor cataclysm 4.x.x wowraza.servegamePUNTOcom no esperen mas!!! dos reinos Blizz y instant 85 Dk, Huargen y goblins funcionando 99%! te esperamos! kiten el PUNTOCOM Y ARREGLENLO PARA QUE PUEDAN ACCEDER!..

loopcat1234 says:

All Zones Spawned. Guild Levlingsystem works. Arena Works. All Battelgrounds Works. Midrare Blizzlike server. No Custom pure Blizzlike Patch 4.0.6 – 4.1.0 Friendly Gms. Join today.
Go to

Lee Aarron says:

Argent dawn is finally here,5x rates no lagg, great staff very quick ticket reply, ingame rewards, change realmlist to argentdawn no ip biz message me saying what you want your ingame info to be,

BobDatutube says:

I use to play on this server but now it is not that good. They have a lot of donation gear and you get own if you are a new player. I just found this new server that has everything for free and there is no donation gear. Come join me on this server and I will help you out. wow (.) rebirthparadise (.) com

MrSkivve says:


duersej1 says:

If i play this here can i so get ban from the right wow

Isaiah Julian Miranda says:

are u teh maker?

Isaiah Julian Miranda says:

cool do many ppl use it?

MrSkivve says:

4.0.6 is blizzlike but our 3.3.5 realm is instant 80 with wrathful and dungeon finder us working

Isaiah Julian Miranda says:

is it instant 80 and si dungeon finder working?

jon thorberg says:

looking for players willing to be administrators having grate mynds on having good events and ading new stuff and places to server join my hamachi channel new server just upgrading to 4.2.0 cataclyms

channel name ::: wow_4.0.6a
pasword::: 123

18.7.2011 new

loopcat1234 says:

toxic-Wow 4.0.6 – 4.1.0
All Zones Spawned Guild Levlingsystem works Arena Works All Battelgrounds Works Midrare Blizzlike server No Custom pure Blizzlike,come join us at

krypt900 says:

i hat pvp server and i <3 gm free server =)

SkaiLocart says: :D:D Go over there Vote and screwthehelloutofurself and ull be playing on istant 85’s or instant 60’s on catacalysm!! :D:D
Check out what its like on SkaiLocart’s Channel :D:D:D

DAve fqwfiqw says:

4,1,x/4,0.6 – Blizzlike/Highrate – 24/7 Online w/No LAG! – BGs Working – 99% Spells/Talents are Working – Friendly Staff – Great Support – Bugtracker – New contents – Stonecore Spawned – Retail Features GO to: WoWEclipze,com


ravianth123 says:

hey guys check ashrealms private server they have a great staff and support the latest cataclysm patch worgens and goblins work all spells and talents pvp realm mid/blizzlike but needs more players help populate it thx check it out ashrealms:D

loopcat1234 says:

Join now! – 24/7 Uptime – Friendly GMs – 4.0.6/4.1.0 – Blizzlike/Highrate – Goblin/Worgen Working – All Spells Are Working – BGs are Working - And Much More!…Go To: Woweclipze . com

carlows1337 says:

xDD 6000 crit is normal in offical server mach ich 12000

gruffnuts5 says:

i put realmlist and downloaded launcher but it puts me onto my other private server?

Avansiti says:

Welcome to Avansiti-gamers Private Server!
Our server is a tottaly new trinity core server. From Skyfiremu/DB.
We are currently looking for diffrent people. We not searching more admins.
But we are in look for:
Web Designer.
Lua Scripter
mall/vendor Create.
If you wanna chat or anything, download hamachi from google.
Hamachi info:

JkIaliasIshdowman says:

Searching for gm ?

o0BLOODYKING0o says:

Fun server, friendly gm

Monkeyjrking says:


MrNubcaek says:

Need an exprienced GM?? Well you founded good one here i’ve been “Admin” on 2 private servers. :)

gwd11kw says:

i cant logg in ;( i get dc every time , i cant even create a character ;`(

gwd11kw says:

i think it isnt or what program should i open it whit?

MsGaarden says:

Looking for experienced admins to join me on my private server and make it good. We will use around one week on this then we will hit the server real live and add it on different sites. If you are interested add me on msn

alexMCPRO says:

i wanna be GM lolz+ im a goood GM

TwinDenis says:

my main question all this time was, how do you make a website like this for free?

garry elliott says:

looking for gm’s and players new kinda server fun need some one who can make starter gear look at my profile for more info

Jacob Duinkerken says:


submmo says:

Hope it works =)..If you’re looking for a skilled GM reply.Thx

Jimmy Bingham says:

login server down???

WILAK123 says:

how do i login?

WILAK123 says:

can you make an totorail

vladimir nikovksi says:

it works THX

Catawowus says:

Here the best Cataclysm Privat Server ever (no fun)


Fenso451 says:

i cant use the launcher

WilliamNiira says:

Is there a MAC Launcher?

SuperMarioMan9 says:

No i doesn’t It doesn’t matter tho trust me

MrSkivve says:


Zzathpwnsyaface333 says:

that video was taken in wrath. couldnt you tell my the gear the hunter had?

DaSkyKings says:

realownage.forumotion,com< —– Looking for more coders. so if u know how to code then come apply here. we would be glad to have toy :) come make this a FUN server!!!!!

Svejkwow says:

cataclysm-wow . us :)

TutsModding says:

Can I Be A GM?

FreeDoTV says:

7k is weak for level 85 …

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