Unlimited-Gaming Private Server Instant 80 PvP 3.3.5

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Set realmlist unlimited-gaming.no-ip.info http://unlimited-gaming.no-ip.info/ Unlimted-gaming PvP Instant 80 is back! New malls! Daily updates Friendly and a…

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utajaz rade says:

The video with more interesting´╗┐ comments then the video ­čś«

bobmarley95able says:

youree just´╗┐ an idiot^^ did i say that i have any skills in programming, just said that u dont have em too

TheModeratorKitteh says:

Really? We’re retards? Prove you’re better then us. This should´╗┐ be good. Really, I want to see you try and be better. Because with-out any C++ Skills, you will lack a great server, dumbfuck.

UnlimitedGamingXeoN says:

We´╗┐ are up, just not public yet. You are the one here being retard as hell… :)

XeoN/Jesse, from UG crew :)

bobmarley95able says:

if u didnt release,´╗┐ why do u say the server would be up? stiiiilll retards

TheModeratorKitteh says:

Hey faggot, maybe we’re working on features are not even released yet? Please. Grow a brain before you say shit. And you know what? I bet you couldn’t do shit in C++… So before you say shit, check yourself. Keep it´╗┐ real, man. Oh, and a tip: Read the Forum the next time the website is up.

bobmarley95able says:

just made an account^^ you dont have´╗┐ any working realms ­čśŤ still 3 retards

bobmarley95able says:

ok. but u are´╗┐ still retards bbecause of doing this work for not even 10 players

bobmarley95able says:

the 3 of u are´╗┐ retards

Stef V.O. says:

Ok so you are saying the following:
AwkkwardDev is the owner of a nonexistent server with TheModeratorKitteh (Parsing Error) and me as a part of there staff.
Parsing Error is the forum administrator of a server that does not exists and
I, am´╗┐ db developer of a server that does not exist.
So you are basically saying the 3 of us are doing work on things that not exist?

Now there are 2 possibility’s:
1) The 3 of us are retards
2) You´╗┐ are just totally wrong…

I can tell you it’s not the first one

Edward Wayne says:

The registered domain used in the link’s description is 3 years old. It’s been by far as we bought a new domain, however I’m putting the old domain in the description back. I’m doing this just in order to´╗┐ prove that I am the owner of the server.

TheModeratorKitteh says:

unlimited-gaming . o´╗┐ r g

bobmarley95able says:

just no^^ and i dont really think´╗┐ that youre an admin ;9

TheModeratorKitteh says:

Well, considering I am his Forum Administrator currently… I´╗┐ doubt you realize we’re not using a No-IP DNS Record to redirect to our website anymore… We use a regular Domain Name. Google: Unlimited-Gaming Forum Parsing Error

bobmarley95able says:

the site doesnt exist anymore^^ if´╗┐ u were the owner ypu would know it

Edward Wayne says:

FALSE! It does … And´╗┐ I’m AwkwardDev a.k.a Edward! The owner of it …

Vane Tasev says:

cool music´╗┐

Phoeniixaaew says:

phoenixfire.no-ip.info´╗┐ is a great server for 3.3.5 PvP and´╗┐ PvE, great staff and community, you should check it out :)

Stefan Markovic says:

Wow-Addicts. World of Warcraft Patch´╗┐ 3.3.5. Instant 80. Arena and Battleground server. Fully working Arenas. Fast battleground Ques! Neatly arranged Horde´╗┐ and Alliance Malls. Daily events, low latency and competent and friendly Gamemasters!

Wow-Addicts, feed your addiction

LeetAndLoot says:

i was´╗┐ thinking of joiniing then i heard the song…

GreymanePresents says:

Join Bencraft hamachi server! 500x rates!

IP:Bencraft Server



With teleportations and gear! With high xp rates and´╗┐ working instances,cataclysm areas and RAIDS!

laxm0nkey says:

bad link´╗┐

Sumiagaming says:

New server ! Patch 3.3.5 Instant 80 !
A high Quality new community with daily fixed Blizzlike Raiding/Dungeons and Spell/talents for PvP’rs and PvE’rs 24/7´╗┐ online 120MBPS host handles 5000+ players at 15-50 MS ! Join Today ! ITS EPIC!

MrTribunalx says:

“Come join MGAWow,We have been open 4 years and are the best private server around.We even let u transfer toons from other private servers or retail servers.We are 3x rate and like to give the feel of retail without it taking forever because we know not many have all day to play wow.So´╗┐ go check us out at mgawow (dot) co (dot) uk

crucialgamingwow says:

-New Server! Crucial Gaming Instant 80 PvP Realm FREE Season 8, Tier 10
-Beta Server (The more people come, the faster we go Live server with more fixes)
-Fixes Everyday
-Voting System Fully Working (Vote for Shadowmourne & lvl 284 ICC Weapons)
-Donations Working´╗┐ (No OP Items)
-Resillience is being worked to fully working 100%
-Instant 80 PvP Realm with FREE Season 8 & Tier 10/277 Items & Weapons
Join at crucialgaming(dot)org without the ( )

Irfan Kajtazovic says:

OMFG thats so much problemily´╗┐ and the register don’t works

blightstrike says:

waiting´╗┐ for 3.3.3 :)

Andreas A says:

Does Bg’s work propily at this´╗┐ server?

Lilith Wolf says:

The server was great until they started banning people who were farming the apex shards, Christ remove them from the mobs loot tables dont ban people for not wanting to grind´╗┐ pvp

Maltha8 says:

Nice Video, and i like the music too! ;D
I joined server, and i love it!
btw what┬┤s name of song? ;D´╗┐

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