Undamed WOW Private Server

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Showing you guys a little bit of what the boss fights are like for VIP players (Bosses go from easiest to hardest for me). And what Task area looks like. Thi…

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LoveAnimeLikeCrazy says:

playing eternal fun server right now but iff u have any better 255 servers id like to hear it : D

LoveAnimeLikeCrazy says:

used to love this server but it changed so much i mean my mage is just gone after i took a break … dat sux cuz i spent quiete a bit aswell -.-

Andrew Bourque says:

Man i can’t believe people are still commenting on this! Are the serves still running? I haven’t played since i made this video

MrMallooki says:

Gnomanis.. i hates u Jk:P

MrSimping says:

Old memories :)
If you remember me my name was (is on Cataclysm) Gnomanis on Stormreaver :)

waazzaap1999 says:

is it on cataclysm?

WoWnight100 says:

come all to hells-kitchen.dyndns.info
set realmlist hells-kitchen.dyndns.info

TheBashu123 says:

Hey, Come and join us at Wow Nexus. Its a new 3.3.5a server. We are now looking for new Gms/Devs. So come now before you lose your chance. We are bug free, talents all work, and so do spells. :) Cya there

Go to to join
Set realmlist to

Maurice Hardsylteblæster says:

i am bether than u ! i am not vip..

Chase Montgomery says:

Hey it’s Ravebaby! Paladin of Olympus!
Do you guys remember me and Deathsreaper! Chancer! and Cyberskillz!
Best GM team ever!
I really miss you guys!

1999Galatasaray says:

he yi know a great vote points hack on undamed wow you dont have to give me your account info you dont have to pay me anything only i want ingame money *irish diamons of windeseeker + or *PC* if it dont work i dont request anything send me a mail with your offer and i tell you how to vote points hack dont giv eme any account information no downloads only you computer and you! (with the hack you gain 20 votepoints!9 not 1

magjic12 says:

hey. is the server down or something every time i try to logginto server its says conected and nothing heppend.. u have any idea what heppend?:S

healpme101 says:


healpme101 says:

This server is broke its to 1 race based u cant have fun anymore unless ur VIP so i dont like it but smoe of u mite.

TrInQuIlAtY says:

This is a new wow private server called Chronowow and its all GM. Players have access to about 100 commands. Any new player will get GM lessons from a veteran. To join go to chronowow.webhop.net and make an account. Then set your realmlist to chronowow.webhop.net

SoCalFresh33 says:

InceptionEmu is a new server getting ready to launch, we have an instant 80 PvP server, a fully scripted Mid-Rate realm including ICC and RS, and as my own personal project a 19 Twink realm with just Retail gear with no OP gear such as Merciless Gladiator’s Battlegear. -Kineas
Our website information is as follows. us.kbve.com/inception/ and our realmlist is “inception.kbve.com” without the quotes.


i have a question, do u have to have an active account to play on a private server?

weareundamed says:

WOOOOWW nice video  ohh strong wobi xD

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