Paradox WoW 3.3.5a GM Server!

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Close Join us!(The Server is On) Create Account Here: Paradox WoW Realmlist: SET REALMLIST LOGON.PARADOXWOW.C…

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m4s2firestorm says:

Yes server is online and working great Join now :)

TheStwee says:

Your IP address ( matched at least 2 blocks of an IP address in the ban list. It was matched to
You are not allowed to make accounts until this ban is lifted. this is what it shows me..

Dkeleos Eleos says:

Yea, you should activate your email.

Pafkata Velikov says:

Why i cant go in the server My Account is Flameworker
and password ilonka but i cant get in what is the realm need to activate on my email?

andriju226 says:

take spaces out…u dont say ;D ty :)

m4s2firestorm says:

registering was offline for a bit its working now try it out

m4s2firestorm says:

Yes im on the server right now have fun USE the realm list info
set realmlist logon.paradoxwow .c o m
also if you would like anything else just ask 😀
h t t p : / / paradoxwow .c o m
take spaces out

andriju226 says:

Hi :-) im really interested to join this server ;-)its looking awesome..! Just tell me if this server functions and ill be online as soon as possible ;-):-D ty for response 😉

Andrahdk says:

damn block script >.>

MCSkyblow says:

When i register and i make shure the e-mail is right and everything i don’t get the register mail thing!?

Sandman64159 says:

NO now are on

Sandman64159 says:

Thx man very thx 100% WORK THX THX THX

Zinox15 says:

I cant connect too

TripleMatthew says:

i cant connect

Павчо Тодоров says:


Dkeleos Eleos says:

Well, you do something wrong. Try again and write your real email.

Наско Иванов says:

server is online again and its cool frendly communty nice commands and nice vote rewards!!!!!!!!!!!! the best!!!!

domination310 says:

Servers never on

FPSNoorway says:

Server is offline :/ 

Dkeleos Eleos says:

Well guys the server was off along time ago now the server still online!

Oliver yderhag says:

I made an account and tryed to logging, but it just says It’s wrong password. Then I made a new account and tryed. But it still says it’s wrong password.

Playme72 says:

@PilaProto I saw it but wow server don’t have website lol?

Playme72 says:

Ty plus nice video liked and subscribed

Dkocir says:

wow 3.3.5a GM český server hledá nové hráče za cestou za dobrodružstvím.. Vytvoř si svůj Item,NPC,Object a další… Buď vládcem serveru.

Více na :

weard3 says:

actually masschaos is better ut thi is also cool server

huntzel says:

Love the server great vid/ Darknendpain

DjemicaJbt says:

Server is great,just alot DCs ,ALOOOT.

TheChains1000 says:

nice server! looking forward for it coming back on!

muradi murai says:

Server Is Offline Broo…

Sreten Odzaklic says:

Bro server is offline

sirepeaches says:

doest work bro

TheCreeperIsASpy says:

rofl just click on his name then see what did he write to a sonic adventure vid!! xD I lol’d he is gay rofl /brayden

TheCreeperIsASpy says:

W00t lol kewl vid dude!! -Prophet Brayden! ^^

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