Pandashan Private Server Connection Tutoral [English]

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Close Beware Most People On This Server Don’t Speak English.

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HappyGraveRobber says:

its only the 5.0.5

Pero Milan says:

Pandashan h4ck (NEW!!!): /watch?v=zn5LRgqvRVM

2PacoPicopiedra says:

Hey do you play on this private server and can you tell wether its good or crappy ?

crash overide says:

i using the patch 5.2 and it didnt work any help?

russtammxsd says:


xZouka says:

no you create an account on the site

XtreamLP says:

It always says: Connecting.. Nothing more?
How can i fix this?
Thanks for help!
Btw: I downloaed only the launcher and placed it in an empty folder, so the game could launch but nothing happened if i tried to log in.

Nicholas Kearns says:

do u use regular wow login for account

xxflatbabyxx says:

But i dont get it, the launcher is size of 2.7mb

TheSuperDutchGamer says:

why my first time when i connected, the ground in the server was black n white

TaGandMinecrafT says:

its a blizzlike server no mods just the first quest when u start arent working for me they didnt but later on all quest are working :)

whitekilla441121 says:

I just either get stuck on autherizing or connecting and when i pass those two it says “Disconnected from server… I have version Please help me!!!!!

TheSarcasmix says:

What mods are on this server?

Sting1234100 says:

yo man when I try to log in I get instant disconect I’ve played like 1 mounth ? can u give me some advice?

harley drumm says:

i need help doin it with the 5.1.0 patch please help

xXOwendXx says:

Any leveling tips?

kingofgow1 says:

si se actualiza a 5.1 no pueden unirse al servidor
Estoy usando el traductor de google por el

felipe giraldo says:

hola perdona es que hablo español y desearia saber si cuando yo actualizo la version ala 5.1 y luego puedo copiar el launcher o pego el launcher del server en una carpea nueva y espero a que descargue

Marko Loncar says:

wtf is now??? not understand!! i play yesterady..but today i can’t play there is say ”connecting ” and then he say you can not connect with .. you mast login with acc?????wtf??

kingofgow1 says:

Yes you will need 5.0.5 then patch it using pandashan launcher

Anna Valencia says:

So I would need a raw blizzard mist of pandaria client 5.0.5 first, then patch it with the launcher?

skwit xNL-sToNe says:

can you give a link to download the world of warcraft folder?

MrMarekoff says:

sub back! i play in there :)

gbuitragot says:

Nice job to be the first and working mop server. I began playing today.. Fot the moment everything goes right

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