Kasma WoW 3.3.5 lvl 255 Funserver

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Hey, this is a movie I made on Kasma WoW Private server. Here is how to join: Go to kasmawow.com and click Register. (Fill that in) Then it tells you realmli…

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twinkPVP says:

servers back up bro

Janiel Moreira says:

KASMA WoW Is Back ONLINE!!!! @ gaming500. site90. com !!!! Pass it on!!!

twinkPVP says:

Hey its McRaideR!!
Kasma WoW is Back online at gaming500 .site90. com or kasmawow. tk

twinkPVP says:

Hey its McRaideR!!
Kasma WoW is Back online at gaming500 .site90. com or kasmawow. tk

twinkPVP says:

@Philip morris Private msg me i can prove i am McRaideR

Philip morris says:

Theirs no way your McdeathMC if you really are the owner then you should remeber me, I was the guy who called on your behalf to Paypal for over a week striaght about the guy who refunded his 2yrs of donations to the server, I offered to pay for the hosting of the server while we were in dispute and was one of your admins durring the last few days of server time. If you really were MC then you should know who i am.

ShishaUser says:

/watch?v=_dGmyR8JgNI —— BEST&FREE WORLD OF WARCRAFT PRIVATE SERVER 3.3.5a chillastube com

deadcels says:

server closed :(

TheBlackcraft99 says:

new server wow 3.3.5a lvl 255 40,000,000 maximum HP 15,000,000 maximum attack attentive GM have 20 players the goal is to reach 1000 players vip onlin the cheapest is easy raids friendly people level up fast IS SCORNCRAFT.INFO

nuevo servidor wow 3.3.5a lvl 255 40 millones maximo de sangre 15 millones maximo de ataque GM atentos tenemos 20 jugadores la meta es llegar a los 1000 jugadores onlin el vip es mas barato gente amigable raids faciles subir de nivel rápido es SCORNCRAFT.INFO

raulinho93 says:

The best wotlk 255 fun server is w w w .wowzzor .c o m,no downtime/no lag,Over 2800 Custom Items,over 30k accounts,over 80k characters,Friendly staff
Feel free to join the adventure!

Nwakilla187 says:

Join Wow Warstyle!
Level Cap 255 & 1000
Watch /watch?v=Ez8xKxYJIWI & Watch /watch?v=gc10pCv7V2s It’s an great server!
Wotlk & Cata, Please try it then say how’s like 😉

twinkPVP says:

ya the 255 one rocked mcraider here the owner i still got it always think of releasing it as a repack but the server put me 2900$ in the hole..one of are long time donors charged back on are 165 realms..what was u main character?

Shadow192311 says:

I use to be number one player on this server - They went under for maintenance and then gave up after having problems. Don’t ask about it because it’s gone. GREAT server, but nothing last forever

Good music too

Justin Tichelaar says:

Im sorry for my advertisement, I’m just trying to get players, I am not getting players from your server to join mine, I’m only giving them the opportunity to choose between servers,
Thank you for understanding.

Infinite-Gaming ~ infinite-gaming.co.cc
1x Rates
Almost all spells work
Almost all instances and raids work
Almost all talents work perfectly
Brand new, lag free server, to give you the best experience!
Join us now!

istian11001 says:

website OFF??

Andy Howard says:

Suspended go figure

Andy Howard says:

can’t seem to create an account

Leon Krvavac says:

Gay server :’D

MrChrissi315 says:

I <3 this server !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MenWoWBlizzlike says:

Come And Play On Our Server!
MenWoW Blizzlike 3.3.5a!
Join Our Forums And See How You Can Connect To Our Server,
menwow. forum-pro . org/

GM Bounc (The Dutchyest Guy On The Server)

MenWoWBlizzlike says:

Come And Play On Our Server!
MenWoW Blizzlike 3.3.5a!
Join Our Forums And See How You Can Connect To Our Server,
menwow. forum-pro . org/

GM Bounc (The Dutchyest Guy On The Server)

ElementaryWoW says:

Wir sind ein deutscher WOTLK Highrate WoW Server auf dem Patch 3.3.5

– 10fache Erfahrungsrate

– Erhöhte Gold-/Dropp- und Skillrate

– Gescriptete Raids + Instanzen

– Funktionierende Schlachtfelder, Aktionshausbot, Arena und Dungeonbrowser

– Events

– Playertreff


JJBreakingGames says:

Hello there! New private server here (hamachi ATM) Looking for Admins, Gamemasters, and Event Makers Join my hamachi Username : FuryBlane-WoW Password: 123 Join Before its full! Its a level 255 server adding a PVP wants i get a host! Site almost finished, Join and make a application of anykind Just put spaces between questions.

Balrogue0700 says:

Join World of Skycraft 4.X.X! Instant 80, levelling to 85 with 10x XP. Awesome PvP and PvE at 85 – fully scripted raids/heroics & Fully working Bg’s/arena’s with instant ques.
Servers Video – youtube(.)com/watch?v=nBGJ3CrsAaE
Join the fun now at – worldofskycraft(.)tk/

SuperLordaizen says:

join WoW private server SoulReaper 4.0.6 4.2.2 SoulReaper 15 lvl ,Akatsuki 85 lvl is online 24/7 new zones new bosses

SuperLordaizen says:

join WoW private server SoulReaper 4.0.6 4.2.2 SoulReaper 15 lvl ,Akatsuki 85 lvl is online 24/7 new zones new bosses

Anders Gramm says:

Try shadow of choas private server it owns it got dungoens and raids!

ToXicMulti says:

Ihr sucht ein Guten Fun server wo man

Kein Hamachi 24/7h online ?
Mit Super rates levelt 😮 schnell berufe hoch bekommt 15% rates das heißt Mega schnell??

Dann seit ihr bei Frostwyrmde Richtig

Es gibt startgold sowie Starteq

Boss event


Server noch sehr neu !
Kommt zu uns und habt spaß!

pve,pvp Alles dabei

Googelt einfach FrostwyrmDE


25LeSSLY says:

LoL at my server its saying Fuck you this server is being shut down -.- lol fail

smackedabbaa says:

the kasmawow sie fucking rocks haha

ITzxXWizzleManXx says:

haha ima try ittt boyyy lookes kew.

Dennis3537 says:

FUCK YOU sach ich nur

dOOm ballz says:

Fuck you ason of A Bitch Who made kasma WOW site Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you >… FAGGGGGGGG 😐

GreymanePresents says:

Join Bencraft hamachi server! 500x rates!

IP:Bencraft Server



With teleportations and gear! With high xp rates and working instances,cataclysm areas and RAIDS!

WowCrisis1 says:

WowCrisis is a new 3.3.5a Private server,looking for Scripter’s,Event Maker’s,Gm’s,Website Builder’s,Admin’s and a Co-owner! To apply for any of this positions You much be friendly,respectful,smart and know arcemu commands.Join us today. Hamachi info ID:Wow Crisis Pass:1234.

MrTutorialSeven says:

Du suchst einen geilen wow server?? 3.3.5 , instant 80 ??? dann komm auf twings.de

Ciprian Visoiu says:

lol this is a crap server if u want a cool server come on shadowburn wow is a blizzlike server with retired blizzard developers just type in google shadowburn wow and read the news there to see what is working btw u can transfer ur characters/guild from antoher 1x server but u must have the screenshot and post it on forums 😉 cya and thanx for reading 😉 Give it a TRY!

d3vilcho0o says:

wow-horb.info Trintiycore max 255 99% no bugs !

Hugo Mellajärvi says:

How i get my 3.3.5 patch back??

loldoner says:

hi ich und mein kumpel haben ein viel coolerenfunsever mit arena custom sachen und instant lvl 80 die ersten 4 player bekommen ein geschenk er ist richtig cool schreibt mich ein wach in skype an mein name dort ist overlort1ich mache euch dann auch ein acc

sliwa375 says:

there is no realmlist in website…

Caleb White says:

Join Hoaxed-Gaming! Blizzlike Server

– All Battleground’s Work!

– All spells work!
– 90% of quests work!
– Scripted ICC and Instances!

– Wintergrasp working!

– Friendly GM’s ready to lend a hand when needed!
– No rollbacks and very little Restarts!

Come join Hoaxed-Gaming!

First 10 players to join get Instant 80 and a Free Armor set to start off with. Also includes Mount, 10kg and an Epic Weapon! depended on spec.

Hamachi Network: Hoaxed-Gaming
pass: hoaxed


Coole986 says:

Or your client isn’t the right one.

JJBreakingGames says:

Styler-Gaming wow 3.3.5 private server:
Lightnings Blade [PvP] Custom Bosses, Donate For Gear PvP Your Brains out!.
NetherStorm [HighRates] X60 Xp, Loot. Really Fun Server.
DarkMoon [RP] Best For Serious RP Players No Lore Items Ask GM For any Piece Of Gear. Have Fun And Rp Your Guts Out.
Please Check Out Are Website To Create A Account And Login. Styler-Gamng. com
Also Register On Are Forum. When We Reach 500 Likes on facebook All Accounts Will be Rewarded 30 VP Remember To Vote

itsgrayyo says:

Hello, I am going to be creating a World of Warcraft private server. I am in dire need of very good Dev’s, Scripters, Gm’s, and a co-owner to help run the server. I will be hosting the server as I have a dedi. I would like to get this server up and running as early as today. A microphone is a huge +++ but not a need. Skype is a must regardless if you have a microphone or not. Please email or skype me at phoivosangelis@yahoo.com or
Skype me at Nognog300400

TwizzTheInsane says:

Bogeria WoW - 89(.)145(.)94(.)219

Trinity Core

Wrath of the Lich King Instant level 80 server

No lag, 99% uptime

99% of the spells work

Almost everything is scripted

Great Support

Teleporter and a mall

Join us now, a MUST try!

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