ICE Online – WoW Cataclysm server 4.0.6

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WWW. ICE WOW.EU Ice Online is great WoW Cataclysm free server with 100% working Goblins and worgens, great community of players and much more, so don´t miss …

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plus there is allready a lots of english players


YES its a Czech server, so what. GM team doesnt have problem talk to u in eng, so the players. I joind the server 2 weeks ago and i have to say its really great. WOTLK is boring for me and this?? MG ppl its free, u shold really try it. 2000ppl online. GO ON we need players

tygr999 says:

1914 online :)

NiskiMeraklija says:

how many players?

ayanahmed52 says:

ppl talk in english her.plenty of english guilds

ayanahmed52 says:

best cata servr in europe

Pen Guin says:

No jakoze GM vetsinou cesky nemluvi xD/ Most of GMs cant speak czech too 😉

ayanahmed52 says:

THis server has a fair share of ppl who can talk in english as well.and there are many english guilds where ur not allowed 2 talk in czech

BarneyGamingCZ says:

Best 4.0.6 Blizzlike server in Europe :))

penguin1375 says:

i want to play i have everything can u help me plaese…:(???

CZCraftboys says:

jo no :)

carmichaell11 says:

yeah some people are ehm Stupid 😀
but I think that English community grows quickly 

carmichaell11 says:

actually at the moment 1572 Online :-)

PBLS15 says:

where is the download link man? :(

polpolik2 says:

awesome server worgen and goblin are working. almost every quest works raids and dungeons work to

saihangerel says:

hye i need know about how i download exe ???

abrahamyfilms says:

is this game on english?

Arcane240 says:

peckovej server hraju na nem a gm tky good :)

MegaCzyzu says:

now its 1400+ online

Xerocz123 says:

Tento server doporucuju je to nej blizzlike na kerym sem kdy byl

Lockon76 says:

the server is good, less bugs, some crash but not so many. I did join it i left when a player whisper (after i did say him my country), “why are u playing on this server its Czech” lol, i laughted and say “ah sry, didnt know, bye” and i left the server. Btw its good to play if u want join it. Blizzlike and the auction work.

carmichaell11 says:

750+ online, dont wait and join :)

MrNewages says:

this server is great but to much ppl form cz and sk and on public day speak on non eng lang. and have couple horde retarded guys who always killing low lvl ally :((((((((((((

DarkGilix47 says:

how buggy is it?

ShadowhunterLP says:

Join Astral WoW:

– First, stable, full English, 100 % blizzlike Catacylsm 4.0.6 -4.2+
– 95 % Spells, Professions and Qeusts working
– Goblin and Worgen starter zones works great
– 80-170 pple all day online
– Fast growing, all days 10-15 new pples
– Almost daily fixes

Mindaugas Špokas says:

but still both servers suck’s,better go play to retail

Mindaugas Špokas says:

 i have chars on ice-wow and on astral wow ,and i can say that ice-wow have much more working content

kerossan19 says:

we want to see players online, pvp and pve scripts not fucking photos and other shit :/ no one on this fucking youtube is knowing how to make a fucking movie for a server, all of them makes videos with photos, low lvls char and lots of word … we want to see action, pve raid boss fightings … it’s so hard? :|

mesqueunclub8 says:

Astral wow-cataclysm blizzlike 1x rates private server

carmichaell11 says:

Hard question for me but in my opinion it will be in german because germanversion is make special for this… So I think it wil be in german when you have German version :)

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