How to download world of warcraft private server

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This is a turtorial of how to download and play wow private server. The downloading website: Music by: Habid koite and …

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Rextirant says:

you should go to original website download the game trial, and then download the server and put the server into the serve folder list

tygricek5 says:

megaupload is canceled idiot!!!!

sebastian sebbemix says:

the wbsite is down lol anti fbi has fucked it

deathsaga99 says:

what patch is it on

SuperGhost453 says:

yayyyy it works….i mean my ativirus

thekrazygeek says:

dawg.. the background song suck ballz!

ricardo12221997 says:

doesn’t work anymore

Eddy Grant says:

SIN Gaming – WoW

– 24/7 Uptime

– No Lag!

– No hamachi!

– Thousands of members

– Awesome website

– Blizzlike realm

– Insta-80 realm

– Several devs!

– Join today!

– singaming . com

MrTeachMeeHow says:

Wow-Addicts. World of Warcraft Patch 3.3.5. Instant 80. Arena and Battleground server. Fully working Arenas. Fast battleground Ques! Neatly arranged Horde and Alliance Malls. Daily events, low latency and competent and friendly Gamemasters!

Wow-Addicts, feed your addiction

Nadgarek Dardi says:

Could we please download the files from somewhere else?

Manremray stainer says:

i was gonna write dat ok R.I.P runescape

NickolaySheitanov says:

New WoW Private server looking for STAFF GM visit my channel or video for more info:

swedishgamerstudio says:

R.I.P. Megaupload

Jahmal Alexander says:

xtremetop100(DOT)com your welcome :)

icookiemonster007 says:

mega upload was closed by fbi NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

TaneMaraa says:

KONY 2012

6eg2msauma says:

=( it dosen’r work because megaupload is closed by fbi=(

JeanLucMongrain says:

ty sopa and pipa very nice to you great!

WhiskersMctabby says:

the goddamn government’s shut down megaupload. bastards!!

Twidlehead says:

Not working anymore :(

Chris hampton says:

does this still work

Vasco Behr says:

i have that Background tooo !!!!

Calltoarmspvp335a says:

Hey guys be sure to check out my private server Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 60 twink server, CUSTOM SPELLS AND CUSTOM ARMOR, Start off with honor to buy your gear then work your way up through the bgs to get the better custom gear hope to see you on here soon! (BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THIS CHANNEL AND SIGN UP FOR THE BETA!)

cevin lund says:

Är det cata?

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

IS SOMEONE PLAYING ON THIS WRATH OF THE LITCH KING ? if he does write me your name in downloading it now 😀

Scharku2111 says:

can you help me my instalation stoped at 41% sry for my bad english i’m from germany

xmalboromanx says:

wht is the best private server can an1 tell me?

trevor maino says:

it says im disconeccted from the server and i cant join

trevor maino says:

i cant download the megaupload thing it gets to 4% then says it cant read the file

trevor maino says:

wait so is the realm thing the website it is or the client version?

Louis45xc says:

i had same problem but it takes around 2-3 hours.. its a big game

TheMrtweeky says:

uhm it sais i need write permission to the world of warcraft registry key when i try to run it :S plz help

TheGDEvent says:

nice music and u got a nice screensaver :D

TheGDEvent says:

click with right mouse and open it with notepad

fifaskillman says:

are you norwegian or something?

gamer5122 says:

 what code?

007lowe1 says:

PLEASE help me! When im logging in to account it stands ”You have been Disconnect from the server” and when clicking on the Launcher it stands ”Launcher requires write permission to the World of Warcraft Registry key to successfully locate and run the game.Please enable write access to the Registry key using an administrator account” what to do?

Hoopbroz says:

i cant open realmlist what do i do???? please help me!

tekken547 says:

Thank you Man or Wo-Man

CountryChick963 says:

What’s the code?!

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