Excalibur WoW TBC Server

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Got tired of Wotlk and Cata?You want to play again the best expansion ever released by Blizzard?Yes?Then come on in and experience the best TBC server out th…

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dravjh says:

I am playing here 6mounths and i can say this server is perfect but only alliance guilds are bad

Riley Jones says:

Ghetto gospel<3

shinuviel says:

Why isn’t collision active? I think that collision is an important part of both pvp and pve..

aladinmadafaka nikolov says:

i cant make account on this server

AbsoluteParanoia11 says:

The GMs?

Scissorbelly says:

Who runs this server?

AbsoluteParanoia11 says:

about 500. The population is constantly growing , and it will be hell of a server if it reaches about 2-3k people. The only drawbacks are the low population and a few bugs. Everythin else just great

xxAmbossxx says:

how many people are usually online ?

bleach12386 says:

I just find it dumb how alliance and horde can play together…kinda ruins the purpose of alot of things :/

EchtePoekel says:

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal!!!

Thanatos877 says:

Thanks Train .i did remember some old my memories with old player in exca:))
Lee .

MaGIKsoopaAr rr says:

the song on the start

MaGIKsoopaAr rr says:

whats the song xd <3

stevenschnare says:

thats for stupid people that don’t know shit about torrents and it sounds like you’re one of them because torrents are nothing to fear if you know what to look for

bumicek1 says:

addons ???

Tyler Lagace says:

just a warning for everyone who wants to play this is that you should buy the legit torrent instead of download the free one because thats how people get viruses its not because the game its because they download the free torrent and get infected

Stanciu Silviu says:

6:05 Parazitii 😀 BV si io tot hunter am Night elf 😛

almightybunisan says:

Why does it look like the alliance and the horde are together in the same group? O_o

minlillakommentaries says:

i’m tired of cata not in wotlk and tbc 😀

Davide Negro says:

Really cool, and i’m interested! since i’m italian and i have not understand everything, could you send me a message with all the infos about how to join? thanks :)

Nonlaus says:

Reason I’m getting on this server now is because there is no dungeon finder, that shit wrecked the whole leveling part of WoW.

Trianful says:

In the video some did not have all their scripts right because this video is more than 2 years old, i uploaded it again because of youtube’s copyright policy.
Right now all bosses have their scripts and mechanics working blizzlike.

DleeKershaw says:

Ermmm.. you show clips of downing bosses.
Do the bosses have real tbc boss mechanics or is it just tank and spank?

bomminification says:

good video cousin,Narcis was here,this is the best server.

Sinister Scout says:

Thanks =]

Thomas Johansen says:

its TBC, dungeon finder didnt excist back then man, you had to run, and no mount till level 40

TheVikiriki says:

does dungeon finder work there?

Trianful says:

@SinisterScout The first song is “Ghetto Gospel” by 2pac

Sinister Scout says:

Can you tell me the name of the first song ?

thelastarchangel21 says:

Just continue with the Burning Crusade, and you’ll keep me happy as hell 😀

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