Blood-Gaming WoW Instant 60 PvP/PvE Private Server

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Close the Realmlist is on the Homepage We have Custom Quests Honor System an much much More For more Informations Ask me in Skype,Yo…

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SpytieGaming says:

i cant regestrate! when i go on “greate account” it can not connect to the site

Deathlock1010 says:

Registration doesnt work

tojohan sjölund says:

join kalimdorgaming 1.12.1 instant 60 realy good server !;)

FearSFC says:

I know i’m getting annoying, but i’m quite inpatient today, slept badly, I connected to the hamachi server, But i don’t know what to do next.

FearSFC says:

Dude, i got hamachi, but i don’t know how to connect :/ mind helping me a little?

FearSFC says:

I got hamachi, what do i do now?

gt clan says:

cant register :(((

kloucek72 says:

The website isn’t working on create account! I would love to play.

TripleRage says:

hi iam a developer i can create you a website and allow connecting without hamachi and scripts and patchs for more info please contact me at Skype Jack.taylor523

Elaozle says:

It does, you need Hamachi.

TheDeathKnightRawr says:

Can to create a account for me? The Website doesn’t work

Imbaschurke1 says:

Try now!

TheUnExpectingNwh says:

and yes I’m in the hamachi server

TheUnExpectingNwh says:

I can’t register :/ I’m the guy from lightofchaos :D

Elaozle says:

Ok, I’m on. Are you on?

Imbaschurke1 says:

It really can be that u Need Hamachi look Over you there are The Dates for the Server

Imbaschurke1 says:

It can be that u need Hamachi Dates: Blood gaming pw:123

Elaozle says:

Still not working.

Samuel Lindén says:

Hi, I really want to sign up, but the website for the registration does not work.

Imbaschurke1 says:

Questing Zone with Badge Quartermaster Created Quests Added,Deathknight PvP Equip Added

Imbaschurke1 says:

Try it now!

Elaozle says:

How do we register, the link isn’t working.

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