Best WOW blizzlike 1x private server! (3.3.5a, Wrath of the lich King)

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Truewow site: Truewow register: Truewow armory: Realmlist: Set Realmlist ——————————-ICC IS WORKING——————————- ——————————-All battleground’s…

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CaughtinamoshRecords says:

Just check the website. It says there are 188 online currently with 14,000 active accounts.

ApetiteIVDestructioN says:

what is the population on the server now? i was playing there before and it was very low. can you tell me bro?

FrostOrZeph says:

i went to data/enus and there was no realmlist folder what do i do?

toastman444 says:

When I download WoW it automatically patches to the most recent, how do I make my WoW 3.3.5a?

danielfoltut says:


Greg Martinez says:

Wanting to know how to get wotlk 3.3.5a —- go to my profile and look at my newest video.


burakkiller1 says:

tahts low exp

xDurotar says:

go to the website, read the connection guide

Jevsevije Pamfilov says:

From where to download game? I don’t know anything? Please help, I wanna play sooooooo bad this game!!!! Thanks!!!

thekobast says:

I think that everything is working.

theman1860 says:

Is there a pvp system on this server? (Battlegrounds fully working/ Arenas fully working) an honor point system, Wintergrasp working?

PoppyLOLification says:

tha mobs on this server have more aggro range

Marcus nilsson says:

then* and he didnt ask for your server eather heres a muth better info. do this go to and go to forum and serch for repack’s or support they will give you help in the last 12 h so its a quick support

thekobast says:

First you need to download Wrath of the Lich king expansion and than update to patch 3.3.5a. Go where you installed wow than dataenUS or enGB/realmlist than change realmlist (Set Realmlist Launch wow with Wow.exe it’s in your wow folder.

jnick10d says:

how do u install the server


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