3.3.5 WoW Private Server PvP/PvE [Element WoW ] [HD]

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Join Element-WoW @ :www.element-wow.com or creat you account here http use Firefox or Opera as Browser. Patch 3.3.5 Server Rates: XP 40 x blizzard Drops 40 x blizzard Nice Voting Rewards Each day Events : like H&S PvP 1vs1 up tp 20vs20 and more or PvE (Defender) All 2 Hours Daily battlegrounds Events (Eots,Wsg,Ab). All other Bg’s are working like Alterac and Isle of Conquest. Every second day you get Arena Points. Almost all spells and skils are working !. Scripted Raids like icc , os , Ulduar and more … T 2 , 6 and 7 Vendors and free Dadly PvP Vendor. Starter Pet to Train Spells , Advance Weapon/armor Skills Port to Dalaran Buy an Sell Stuff and for VIP Members instance lvl 80. Realmlist : set realmlist ewow.servegame.com Website :www.element-wow.com Join us ! Addons used : Dominos , Doom_CooldownPulse , Interrupt Bar , Spell Alerter.

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blizz core says:

true blizzclone private server 3.3.5a “blizzcore . comze . com” the scripts and core is EXACTLY like retail. everything is how retail was, come here for a real challenge

HSSDamian says:

NEW SERVER! 3.3.5a WoTLK, classes 95.8% functional! Low Rates x3 EXP, high droprates x80, most dungeons and raids working and scripted, cross faction interaction (AH, Party, Guild, Mail, etc). Looking for stability testers!

freewow.x10.mx for more information!

kickzy11 says:

How the fuck du you won’t us to join?. You need a key for it..

DrTouchMe says:

Wrathgaming is looking for players, come and join us at wrathoflord(dot)sytes(dot)net 3.3.5

draining12 says:

colossal-wow . info – 3.3.5a – 1x – The Original(Blizzlike) Experience. Availability of all content including all Raids, Battlegrounds, Arenas, Class Spells and Abilities. All Game mechanics including LoS Collision and Movement Pathing. Extreme Stability, Performance and Security servers

Leonel Jerez says:

sezzywow . no-ip . org?p=register&id=25 It’s a new 3.5.5a server and its growing! Instant 80 and free items! Join now!

LegoBuilder123 says:

Come join our private server brand new! We are looking for devs,admins and gms join our hamachi at User:WowFunServ Pass:123 send me a message with why you think you should be a (Admin,GM, or Dev) and also the desired account info i will get back to you asap if you do send me a message. I hope you join us! Thanks!

Jay Halla says:

Hello, You must have heard of Lava-Gaming Community, If not, Now is your time to check us out!, We offer a Lag Free, Bug Free Server, Working Battlegrounds, Working Arenas, Content Added Weekly, Weekly Events, Great Advertisement Rewards!, Check us out at, *My Channel* Or our website, lava-gaming(.)servegame(dot)org Replace the (Dot) with a .
Thanks for reading, We hope to see you online!

LubeMee says:

Cruel-WoW 3.3.5a is the most thrilling PVP server around, do you like to arena hardcore? And make money ranking in the top 5? Cruel-WoW is the place. With instant 80 and free Relentless, it’s the best place to test your skills and earn better gear. Join today at Cruel-Wow. com Where PVP rests,

Phoeniixaaew says:

phoenixfire.no-ip.info is a great server for 3.3.5 you should check it out, instant level 80 with pvp and pve players :)

Emil Groenlund says:

{3.3.5a}► Ro-XtremeWoW ◄ チ Insant 80 チ PvP/PvE Realm チ Instant 80 Starting with s7/t9 Farming for s8/t10 Friendly Staff More Events Start level 80 Start Gold : Maximum Custom Events Custom Quest Areas Custom Duel Areas Custom PVP Rankings and System Custom Boss with Custom loots Custom PvP Battle Zone Custom Mission Area Wintergrasp & Gunship AVAILABLE !! VIP Account with Special Commands/Free Gear/Own Mall etc. You can find the website by typing this on google: Ro-xtreme WoW.com

dukmaster777 says:

Hello there, have you heard about “WoWictory” (just search on Google for it …)? There you can watch a great free video showing the best way to speed run World of Warcraft. It made it possible for a lot of players in the forum to power level through WoW and consequently maximize his character very quickly. Hopefully it will work for you as well…

JackalWoW1 says:

3.3.5 private server. For raiders who enjoy a laugh and meeting new people. “set realmlist j-wow.zapto.org” Currently need Dk tank, Shaman healer and some more dps. Start at 80 with tier 7 + some emblem gear. Must add my Skype “swerfy1″ and I will give you more info. Raids,relaxation and some pvp on the side.

Teaapotz says:

Go to my channel to join a pure pvp server 3.3.5 99%working spells

noahfowler1 says:

Hey guys I recently made a 3.3.5 custom PvE leveling realm, 500 rates, working on more custom content, its Hamachi but I’ll get rid of that when I get more players, looking for Admins and GM’s, if you’re interested PM me and I’ll give you more info

TheRaKuhn says:

Is it english?

UmberQQ says:

Intstant 80 and 5x EXP Rate realms!
Nice community!
Nice GMs
wow(.)hedahl(.)biz Without the ()

MrAllabouttheU says:

Full time GameMasters online
Teamspeak Server !
8x Level Realm
Instant 80 Realm | Start with furious WORK for relentless and Arena for Wrathful !
Very fun server!
JUST STARTED, population is growing though !

Veteranwow1 says:

Check out on veteran-wow i80 and blizzlike

adam199793 says:

New 3.3.5 server! Instant level 80, PvP, Wrathful, Custom Gear, New server! Looking for STAFF!!! If you would like to join you are going to have to add me on skype: Alyssa_babe1 – message me.

samosval92 says:

fail server – no population

IDoCleanFlips says:

Hardstyle!! :D

Justin Tichelaar says:

Im sorry for my advertisement, I’m just trying to get players, I am not getting players from your server to join mine, I’m only giving them the opportunity to choose between servers,
Thank you for understanding.
Infinite-Gaming ~ infinite-gaming.co.cc
1x Rates
Almost all spells work
Almost all instances and raids work, including icc and ruby sanctum.
Almost all talents work perfectly
Brand new, lag free server, to give you the best experience!
Join us now!

Megamijman says:

Megamijman’s Private Server
Network Id-Megamijman
4 Realms Blizzlike 1x rates, 10000x rates, 500 rates, 20x rates
Few bugs
First 5 people get any item they want on any realm
First person gets GM level 2

TheTaylo105 says:

Hosting Ultimate wow by owner of vigilance wow, 3.3.5 instant 80 pvp. Need gm’s database dev’s and more staff. Hamachi for now but it won’t be later in the future. Server has great potential join now you will see. Hamachi id: Ultimate world of warcaft. -there is no pass

Razured says:

w w w(.)rohan-wow(.)c o m
Highrates server x20
Great Staff Team
Weekly updated

Join now! <3

Cathy F says:

This is probaly one of those server’s where they give commands as donate

onlyruner says:

dizzy wow. zapto .org BEST SV! No bugs! New SV! Will get rewards first players!!!! enjoy send it to your friends for more rewards!! ver 3,3,5

BF2142freaklol says:


-Instant 80 PvP server

-Fully Scripted, and 100% working raids

-Start with s7 gear, and work your way through the obstacles to achieve season 8. And wait for the new seasonal gear releases

Hamachi network:
Name: EpiXWOW 1 or EpiXWOW2
Pass: 123

-Active, Helpful, and Professional Staff Members

A MUST try!

Calltoarmspvp335a says:

Hey guys be sure to check out my private server Call To Arms 3.3.5a Level 60 twink server, CUSTOM SPELLS AND CUSTOM ARMOR, Start off with honor to buy your gear then work your way up through the bgs to get the better custom gear hope to see you on here soon!

dehell2 says:

MortalitasWoW Instant 80 3.3.5a Server

2 Shopping Malls

Much custom zones (NO CUSTOM ITEMS)

Killstreak System With Awesome Visuals

Join Now Before You Are To Late

MortalitasWoW. tk

Filur dk says:

do you know why my interrupt bar aint working?

Sneakysnake115 says:

dispersion-wow . com This sever is a 3.3.5a Pvp/Pve, instant 80 server with Epic custom features like transmogrification, Bounty hunter, Easy vendors, Alterac Valley Opened As A Normal Zone, Great Scripts all icc scripts working except gunship, An Any Class-Race Combination, Epic Gm’s, we will be doing Events Everyday once we reach 300+ members

MR11Aapjeboy12 says:

Dude first let see of ppl join your server then talk..

MrDanne961 says:

lol it’s up 2 days so :S

gromsegh says:

w w w . saurfang-gaming . net
5months old 3.3.5a private server, running in Dedicated Host.
Forums up, pro staff, 15+ players online everyday.
check it out.


Brand new World of Warcraft Free Private Server (MagisteriumWoW)
If you wish to play, visit our website at: magiwow.co.nr
Yes, just type magiwow.co.nr

The best World of Warcraft private server awaits YOU!

MenWoWBlizzlike says:

w  w w . menwow.forum-pro . org Join Our blizzlike 3.3.5a private server you will enjoy it almost no bugs ! all instances/raids working ! quests WORKING 100% + we are looking for gs/gm’s !

ThaSourceGaming says:

join thacraft.org we are a great 3.3.5a server!

Cain Rivera says:

ANOWOW.TK <– Put in Address Bar!

JJBreakingGames says:

Hello Everyone! Want to be a Game-master , Admin, Gm Event Master, or Even just want to play a 255 server? Then I have just the thing join Now (Hosted on hamachi at the momment) Username: FuryBlane Gaming and the password: 123! Join now and apply to be a Admin, Game master, or GM Event master In any format of application join now!

94nemppa says:

Ooo, german fucks? Wont join.

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