2.4.3 TBC Private server Feenix WoW-One

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I’ve been checking on internet and i’ve noticed many people are looking for a good scripted TBC private server with pve/pvp options, and here is the one i’m playing on, right now it’s low populated, around 900horde, 800 ally peak time, but it’s growing day by day, and theres some good guilds. Yeah i know the video is poorly made, but this is not about my recording skills i just wanna show people theres a good BC server out there which is still up, running! Currently Season-1 Gladiator. T4, Raiding content, – x14 Experience rate. -x5 Proffession rate. -x3 Gold rate which is needed when u lvl fast. Keep in mind this was filmed before the new core that have launched, and all the heroics have been fixed. Aswell BG’s are popping all day around with 10v10 40v40 , 15v15 Etc. Didn’t get all info bout server in here, either just comment if you wounder somthing or send me a mail. www.tbc.wow-one.com – Archangel 2.4.3 set realmlist burningcrusade.servegame.org

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NickolaySheitanov says:

Sunfurywow 2.4.3 First 15 people to join get ANY item of their choice. No buggs, all spells, bg and instances working. Website: sunfury.servegame. com (Govorim PL &BG & RU)


this server sucks corecraft will be god

MrDBZ001 says:

You can keep playing on retail
But to play BC you need to download an older version of wow(I recommend No-Install client to save time,it must be on patch 2.4.3)Remember to install BC at another folder,then you’ll have Retail and BC on your computer

sdads fasser says:

HELLO! i am wondering if this server is still up and runing and i have three questions.
1.if i have normal wow installed on my pc can i run this server off it
2.how do i change the realmlist
3.and how do i set the patch to be 2.4.3??? please sent me a msg or just write on my wall

MasterBromot says:

Yes, its still up

MusicaLLogic says:

is this server still up

pasa9296 says:

you must not raid at all in wow. baddie/casual.. probably never stepped foot into MSV/HoF/ToES (not raid finder)

janko reket says:

Hi i joined today ,but every 2 minutes in game it lags too much i cant play and then when i leave with alt+f4 i cant login next 10 minutes can soemone help me pls !!!??

keeshorror says:

he could ask his friends to come play with him and do some raids or stuff heh? yep

Birdner Delaverg says:

/watch?v=hXtilVMi8LI pvp in wow-one Vanila!

celtic889 says:

I have the same issu no idea why it isnt working

ollaballa says:

can someone please help me? I have installed Feenix and gonna play on archangel 70, and when I push the play button in feenix wow launcher, it comes up “Unable to launch (WoW,exe). Please make sure you selected the right World of Warcraft directory.” I dont know what do do and would like some help!

bleach12386 says:

JOINED TODAY its soooo fun 😀 glad to be apart of the server :)

Billtoft says:

It’s pretty much the same.

Skinning = Crit
Mining = Health
Herb = Heal / Haste
Engi = You can craft boots with rocket shizle but no enchant.

321YOUDEAD420 says:

I Joined today on ally side 😀 i came from Magic WoW a WOTLK Server, can someone tell me about the professions? Like the perks they come with? Like in WOTLK Herbalism gave a Heal, Engineering gave rocket boots and a pyro mounted blaster on the gloves etc, can anyone tell me those kinds of perks or advantages of all professions please? Thanks

fakeaintreal says:

Retail betrayed me, The Challenges Disappeared, Easy Game Mode Activated and 10 year old kid friendly expansions engaged.. Like wtf. Back in Vanilla and TBC you had to work for epics, it was a challenge and when u finally got a epic item it was like wow. Todays wow is like dude this epic item so bad, il just join a random raid and do all bosses instantly and get better epic.. pff.. easy mode…

Billtoft says:

It’s kinda even these days. But still 60% hordes, 40% Alliance

Horde got more pve guilds swell but alliance have ”better” and fewer guilds.

BodzioPicasso says:

Hi people, got a question, how’s the Alliance against Horde ratio? I was thinking about joining these TBC servers for pure nostalgia and wanted to know if there won’t be “one side domination” in outdoor pve, pvp and stuff.
I would appreciate any feedback through comments or messages to my acc.
Grotash from Deathwing (originaly).

jahntaigen says:

All addons work fine as long as they are compatible with patch 2.4.3 :-)

DeckaEu says:

How does it work with addons? Does the up-to-date ones works?

Marco H. says:

Really really good server….well when its online which is atm kinda rare^^

Billtoft says:

Im glad you like TBC, and hope you find this server fun :)

qatar8833 says:

tbc BEST now wow suck and thanks god im playing in this server now

Billtoft says:

2000 players in this tbc server :)

Edvis Glu says:

i was wondering , how much people are playing on tbc servers?

Tequila Wolf says:

I quit retail near the end of cata and came to this server.
Retail..never again.

Ullenia says:

I really like this server! Played a while now.

Billtoft says:

wow-one.com then Guides – TBC – Download torrent

iSnakeLP says:

Where can i find a download link…

Jevsevije Pamfilov says:

How to play Emerald Dream? What I must do to play on it? Do i have to download something?

Jevsevije Pamfilov says:

I did that! I’m Rogue - level 16! THANKS!

Billtoft says:

yopp download the 2.4.3. client from feenix and you’ll be available to play without any problems.

Jevsevije Pamfilov says:

i am playing on Warsong 12x! Man, and i am playing without giving blizzard single buck.
I have one question! How to play The Burning Crusade? Do I have to download THE BURNING CRUSADE (2.4.3 TBC client) from Feenix?

Jimmykreedz says:

‘Too bad the server is fuckingfilled with bugs everywhere.

rudemouth707 says:

StevenSchnare or someone help me connect!
Skype: Gnobblin1

stevenschnare says:

Yeah you can just download it and extract it to a folder on your desktop you can even have both game launchers on your desktop hell i have TBC Vanilla WOTLK and retail on my computer they all work fine

stevenschnare says:

Right on I’m playing a mage at the moment don’t know how good a comp that would be but im Leveling a warrior so i might end up playing him add me to skype steven.schnare

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